Puzzle Wall…Meet Vintage Disney Wall!

Remember puzzle wall?  Sure you do.  You just don’t remember that you remember puzzle wall.  Ahem, well, my rather mundane quest to decorate the emptiest wall of my room has finally proven to be a success.  All the puzzles have been safely returned to their box (sniff, I miss them, but surely I’ll figure out a way to hang them up properly in the future), and my Disney posters have just arrived in the mail.  There are five of them, all vintage, 50’s-style, which I really like.  Four are small posters for the park and various attractions and the last and largest of them all is a neat Peter Pan poster.

The first order of business, however, was painting the wall a nice shade of purple called…Wood Violet, I think.  It didn’t take terribly long to paint the wall, as it’s not a very big area, and I left my ceiling fan on to get rid of the potentially deadly fumes of the paint.  It was a little frightening, though, as my ceiling fan spins really fast.  I’m half-surprised my ceiling didn’t lift into the air like a helicopter.

The mask and mirror don't really fit into the theme....
The mask and mirror don’t really fit into the theme….
Vintage poster squad, assemble!
Vintage poster squad, assemble!

Anyway, once the wall dried, I hung up my posters, along with my dragon mirror and my tiki mask thingy.  The latter was originally on another wall, but I thought it fitting it moved to join the Enchanted Tiki Room poster.  As for the remaining three unnamed posters, they are: Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and Sleeping Beauty castle.  I would have loved a poster for the Haunted Mansion, considering it and Pirates are my top favorite rides at Disneyland, but I just wasn’t too fond of what was available online.  Perhaps I’ll find something more to my liking in the future.  Where’s a poster of the Hatbox Ghost when you need it?

Are There Any Colors Named After Ducks?

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