Bonus Time: The Duck’s Youtube Channel

A select handful of people may be aware that the Duck has a Youtube channel.  Well, the channel has been neglected for a good while now, partly due to the fact that creating videos for United We Game’s channel has been my highest priority this past year.  Nevertheless, I have decided to finally give my personal Youtube channel the love and attention it so deserves.

The first order of business was creating channel art, so I dusted off my old Windows XP computer and paid a long overdue visit to the tried and true Photoshop CS2.  My Duck avatar was updated to become a vector image, which, in case you’re not familiar with the term, simply means it is scalable and will not lose quality if it is resized.  After that, I created a banner for my Youtube channel.  I basically wanted to get across my many roles, so to speak: writer, gamer, cosplayer, and artist, so I created copies of my Duck avatar and dressed them up to reflect each of these hobbies.

Behold, the Duck parade!
The full image, as it would be seen on the TV.  The wasted space is odd, but a necessity.

Word of advice, if you ever want to create artwork for your own Youtube channel, keep in mind that the dimensions Youtube gives you are for a TV screen, not the banner you see when you visit a Youtube channel on the computer.  The actual artwork that appears on the computer is a small rectangular fraction of that much larger image.  This revelation forced me to completely rearrange my little “Duck parade”, as I like to call it, so that it would better fit the page.  (The original version can be seen at the top of this post.)  To give you an idea of the usable part of the image, I uploaded the final version of my banner.  It’s over to the left.  If you don’t stray from where I have placed the four central ducks, you should be fine.  I think….

So, what exactly is the Duck going to do on my personal Youtube channel?  Well, since all my gaming videos go to United We Game, that leaves me with…everything else I like to do.  The videos I plan to start with, as they are quite easy to create, are readings of my fan fiction (I also have an event planned for Halloween).  From there, I have other ideas in mind, as well.  Videos showcasing my cosplay.  Maybe a future tour of my gaming collection.  Someday, I’d even like to record some things around town.  Christmas festivals.  Interesting locations.  Could be neat, right?  Anyone interested in antique malls?

So, I hope you guys will pay my Youtube channel a visit in the near future.  I don’t have the proper cameras for some of my ideas yet, but I’ve found some affordable ones, so we’ll see…  Maybe one day, I’ll be able to expand to vlogging!

Or Dlogging…That’s Duck-Blogging


4 thoughts on “Bonus Time: The Duck’s Youtube Channel

  1. Good luck, Duck! I’ve been considering what to do with my own personal channel for awhile — it’s still only gaming-oriented for the moment, but it’d be cool to expand. Well, someday…when I have the time. 🙂 But I look forward to following your channel’s evolution for inspiration!

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    1. I didn’t really know what to do with my channel besides fan fiction reading for the longest time, but with creating videos for UWG and watching other Youtube channels, I think I’m now more prepared to start adding to my personal channel again. I’ve been really inspired lately by people like Carpetbagger and Adam the Woo, who film interesting places. It could be fun, though I don’t intend to stray nearly as far from home as they do. And good luck on your own channel, as well!

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