In Remembrance of the World’s Most PuzzlingWall

During my recent and ongoing quest to do something different with my life, I have been…redecorating.  It probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for me, it kind of is.  You see, I have been more or less living with much of my possessions in boxes for the past several years.  When you have changed houses as often as I have, you eventually grow tired of packing everything up time and time again, and thus, I decided I’d save myself the trouble by not unpacking to begin with.  Boxes also make pretty good tables, I have learned.

Well, I am still here in the very same house, and all this time, it has remained pretty barren save for the posters I finally decided to hang up in my gaming room probably about a year ago.  Just a few days ago, as of writing this anyway, I decided to tackle my bedroom next, where I am slowly working on covering those big empty walls with awesomeness.  Thus far, I have this Thomas Kinkade panting of Disneyland and this cool tiki mask I got, surprisingly, in Canada.  Niagara on the Lake, to be more accurate.  It’s a lovely town.  I endorse it.  Anyway, I still need to figure out how to hang up a dragon mirror (from the same shop as the mask) and a dragon bell my dad got me for Christmas last year.  I like dragons.  Oh, and I also hung up some glass animals, a phoenix, a flying horse, an octopus, and a seahorse, which came from a Renaissance Faire, an antique mall, another shop in the same Faire, and a zoo, respectively.  They’re hanging from my curtain rod.  The curtain rod, and the curtains, came from the exotic land of Target.

My first and only Thomas Kinkade paining that's not a puzzle or a calendar. Classy.
My first and only Thomas Kinkade painting that’s not a puzzle or a calendar. Classy.

Okay, I guess that’s all rather boring, but my true reason for writing this post are my puzzles.  I used to love putting puzzles together.  I actually still do, but I don’t really have the time for it anymore because I have so many other hobbies taking up my time.  After years of puzzling, I have this massive box originally meant for transporting a large mirror which is filled with about two dozen large puzzles, the largest being 2000 pieces, I believe.  It is huge.  You’d assume it would be twice the size as my 1000 piece puzzles, but somehow it manages to be much larger.  All of them are held together either using glue meant for puzzles or lots of rows of packing tape along the back.  I have lots of this stuff on account of the boxes.  But for many years, they were hidden away in that box to collect dust.  And memories.  I imagine they were visited by many spiders, as well.  Nevertheless, I always wanted to decorate with these puzzles, as many of them are paintings by Thomas Kinkade and Christian Lassen, and I thought they’d look right at home on a wall, alongside the finest of fine art.  And finally, I did it.

I chose my favorite puzzles, including my most precious puzzle of all time, a large dragon with images of knights and castles hidden among its wings, and I stuck them to my wall using mounting putty, the only thing I thought might hold my puzzles up without using expensive picture frames or damaging tacks.  It looked pretty awesome for a time, but about two days later, one of them came crashing down.  It actually survived the fall quite nicely, but I decided I couldn’t risk anymore of my lovely puzzles getting damaged, so I resigned myself to taking them down.  Rather sad, I must say.  In their place, I plan to put up some vintage Disneyland posters I ordered from Amazon for pretty cheap, which I will likely post photos of at a later date.  Disneyland has always had some mythical, special place in my heart, despite the fact that I haven’t been there that many times.  I think they will look quite nice, and at least I have photos to remember my beautiful puzzle wall during its short span of time on this planet.

My favorite dragon puzzle! It's too epic, I can't take it!
My favorite dragon puzzle! It’s too epic, I can’t take it!
That round one is super cool, too.
That round one is super cool, too.

Maybe I can find a more practical way to hang up my puzzles in the future.  Putty is supposed to support one pound of…wall stuff, and I used a lot of it, and my puzzles weren’t all that heavy, but alas.  My efforts were in vain.  At least I learned that one of my puzzles glows in the dark.  That was a fun surprise, though I worried I was imagining things at first when I saw glowing lights on my wall one night.  I knew the aliens from Majora’s Mask would come for me one day….

So, um, do you guys know a better way to hang up puzzles?  Because, if so, I’d be much obliged.  Until then, I got some posters on the way which will soon be stabbed with many tacks.  And they will remain on my wall until the end of time.

A Puzzled Duck

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