Youtuber Shout-Out: Gaming Channels

Hey there, all you people out there in the world!  Since my recent “enlightening”, as I’ve been calling it since…five seconds ago, I’ve decided to really start putting a renewed effort into all of my many endeavors.  Not only do I finally have the motivation necessary to succeed in such things, but I am low on cash and might need to take a break from cosplay for the time being.  Which opens up my schedule quite a bit.  Hooray for being low on money!  These efforts include thinking up more interesting topics for both blogs (this one and United We Game), increased videos for my own, rather neglected, Youtube channel (in the form of readings of my fan fiction and maybe some guided tours through all of my cool junk, gaming or otherwise, for starters), and a general increased focus on our United We Game Youtube channel.

One new thing I’d like to do on this here blog is a short series (currently, I have three posts in mind) celebrating some of my favorite Youtubers in the hopes of gaining them some additional views and subscribers.  Depending on the channels up for consideration, I’d like to leave out very large channels unless they’re the only ones on my list.  Since I already spent enough time rambling, let’s start with a pretty straightforward category.  Gaming channels, a topic that should come as no surprise to anyone.  I like gaming.  It’s neat.  Let’s get started.

PeanutButterGamer: I’m already breaking my own rule here, as PeanutButterGamer, or PBG for short, is already a pretty big Youtube channel.  But I had to add him to this list because he is one of my favorite Youtubers of all time ever in the universe!  He has a very fun sense of humor, and I have been known to give myself cramps laughing at his antics, whether it be his own lyrics to the Super Mario Galaxy theme song, or his very destructive hacking of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, or even his death park in Roller Coast Tycoon.  Oh, and he also attempted to…“ghost ride the whip” once.  I never knew that was a thing before….  We live in a strange world.

Basically, many of his videos involve him talking about a certain game he’s played, and he summarizes his experiences with it.  Of course, he does other things, too.  Like hacking videos or videos where he covers a few random games he got at Goodwill for really cheap.  Thanks to the sheer comedic value of his videos, I can watch literally any game he chooses to discuss and remain amused, even if it’s a game I would normally have no interest in.  Now that’s talent!

Videos from Youtube User: PeanutButterGamer

Arlo: This particular gamer appears to be…a Muppet.  That alone is enough to tell you that he’s unique in the world of gaming.  Arlo’s channel is one I’ve found pretty recently, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his stuff.  He discusses all kinds of things, from game reviews, his own thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, or even the first game that truly scared him.  His content is good, but it’s his style and personality I enjoy the most.  Arlo is funny.  There’s that.  But I also just like his calm, honest, and, above all, fair discussions of each video’s respective topic, and his reviews have been very helpful to me in the past, as well.  All in all, Arlo is a unique Youtuber, and anyone’s who’s on the hunt for a channel that’s a bit different from all the rest should definitely check him out.

Videos from Youtube User: Arlo

VTNVIVI: This guy’s channel is pretty small as far as gaming channels go, but his content is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of PlayStation exclusives and other similar games.  His videos cover bigger series like Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter, along with lesser-known titles like Skylar and Plux and A Hat in Time.  His content does not include gameplay videos, to my knowledge, but his channel is very interesting not only because it covers some series that don’t get a lot of attention elsewhere, but because he also provides his viewers with a lot of interesting news and tidbits you can’t easily find, including some rather interesting theories and speculation.  VTNVIVI is the first place I go whenever I want unique news and discussions on my favorite PlayStation series.

Videos from Youtube User: VTNVIVI

And there you have it, my favorite and most frequently watched gaming channels.  Besides just being a whole lot of fun to watch, I also like that these are some of the few gaming channels with no swearing, for safer viewing.  I like that.  I like that very much.  So please, if you enjoy gaming videos, check out the Youtubers above.  And if you enjoy their stuff, don’t forget to tell them that the Duck of Indeed sent you!

The Duck Wants Credit…

Image used is Public Domain, taken by Flickr user: Chris Murphy; text added and image cropped by the Duck of Indeed

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