The Duck’s Christmas 2016, Plus Some Dessert

This post is coming a bit late for Christmas, but alas, here it be.  I had a couple new comic books to read, after all, so this post had to be put on hold while that important work got done.  Ever since getting Elsa the cat, I have been unable to decorate the house as profusely as I used to for fear that she will steal or knock down anything she can get her paws on.  Plus, I’ve gotten rather lazy in that aspect of Christmas-time, so only minimal decorations were put out, and the tree only received decorations on its top half to stay out of the kitty’s reach.  Nevertheless, she still managed to knock the tree over twice, cracking a lovely egg ornament in the process.  Super glue seemed to patch it up quite nicely, but I was rather bothered by her behavior.  (I had my doubts Santa would be motivated to bring her any gifts this year after such a display of naughtiness.)  When we weren’t picking up after the cat’s reign of terror, my mom and I also did a dramatic reading of one of my more festive fan fiction stories, a Ratchet and Clank parody of A Christmas Carol I wrote a few years back.  To any Ratchet and Clank fans out there, can you guess which characters play the three ghosts?  Hint: Ratchet is Scrooge…

Christmas came, and Elsa did indeed get a few presents, leading me to the belief that the nice and naughty lists don’t apply to kitty cats.  She got three new toy mice.  The jingling variety, as she likes those more.  I befriended my grandparents’ cat that day, as well, Christmas being the very first day I met their semi-new kitty cat.  She sat on the empty chair next to me during our meal, and then she sat on my lap later while we ate dessert on the couch.  So I guess I have a new feline friend, or “meow pal”, as I like to call all kitty companions.  Try saying meow pal ten times fast.  It’s moderately difficult.  Kind of.

I did want to end this little Christmas-summary with a few pictures of the treats we had on this most joyous of holidays.  Before going to the grandparents’ house, we were asked to bring two things, Red Lobster biscuits (they have a box mix for those now) and a dessert.  The dessert half of the request turned into something a lot more difficult than it really needed to be, but you simply mustn’t be lazy when it comes to dessert.  We ended up deciding to bring rainbow cookies and bonbon cookies.  The former is actually three layers of almond cake with jam between each layer (it’s not really a cookie at all, like the name suggests, though it is cut into small, cookie-sized slices).  It was surprisingly tough to make, but I think our recipe was just overly complicated.  We also accidentally placed the colors of the layers in the wrong order.  Oh, well.  It still tastes just as delicious.

The rainbow cookies...before I massacre them...
The rainbow cookies…before I massacre them…
Ah, their striped goodness is revealed.
Ah, their striped goodness is revealed.

As for the bonbon cookies, these contained various delicious innards.  The cookies with the white frosting contained marshmallows, which I found isn’t a very good filling for a bonbon cookie.  Once cooked, I could find no marshmallows whatsoever.  I have no idea where they went.  An alternate dimension, perhaps.  More successful were the coconut-topped bonbons filled with Mounds candy bars and the Hugs-filled bonbons with the purple frosting.  Other flavors were Junior Mints (green frosting) and Reese’s peanut butter cups (pink frosting).  These recipes are quite time-consuming, but they were rather fun to eat for our Christmas dessert.  And I always enjoy sharing photos of food on my blog.  Food is good.  So…merry late Christmas, everyone!  Please let me know in the comments below how you spent your Christmas!

A small portion of my cookie army. Hey, all of my treats are arranged in stripes....
A small portion of my cookie army. Hey, all of my treats are arranged in stripes….
This is an artsy shot. Be dazzled and amazed!
This is an artsy shot. Be dazzled and amazed!

Duck-Duck Cookies…Or Are They Duck-Duck-Goose Cookies?

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