Foxy Cosplay: The Lower Legs

After spending countless hours trimming upholstery foam and sewing fabric onto, well, large pieces of upholstery foam, I was quite relieved when I got to work on something a bit different.  It was time to create Foxy’s lower legs, which are quite different from his upper legs, mind you, for while his upper legs appear as dark brown pants, his lower legs seem to be missing, revealing the metal endoskeleton underneath.  (And not a delicious, caramel filling, as one would expect.)  As a result, this part of our dear, piratical fox’s legs needed to be much thinner than his upper legs.  The best material for the job?  Craft foam.  Plain, simple craft foam, oh how I missed you.

To give the appearance of a simple metal rod, as I would expect the legs of his endoskeleton to essentially be, the craft foam I cut out for his lower legs are not form-fitting, but rather just a tube of craft foam the circumference of the thickest part of my lower legs.  I seem to have rather chubby legs, though, as these tubes are not as thin as I would have liked.  Hmm.  Anyway, the lower legs needed to be closed off with Velcro, so I hot glued the edge of a piece of craft foam underneath one edge of the main piece of foam and hot glued Velcro onto it.  This way, the edges of the leg should be able to meet up smoothly, as opposed to placing Velcro directly on the leg and making the edges overlap.  The Velcro’s counterpart was attached to the underside of the leg’s other edge.  While I hot glued this Velcro on, it seemed as if it could be peeled off without tons of effort (I wonder if using sticky-backed Velcro was unwise, as this may have interfered with the hot glue’s bonding abilities), so to ensure everything was as secure as possible, I also sewed the Velcro in place.  There should be no way it can come off now.

Unfortunately, I had no reference for Foxy’s lower legs (the screenshot I’ve been using stops at his upper legs), so I had to look up the image of the Foxy action figure on Amazon (I kid you not, they are actually making FNAF action figures now) to see the rest of him.  It was thanks to this amazing feat of detective work that I was able to figure out the details.  Simply put, for each one of his legs, I cut out five strips of craft foam of differing sizes to best match my reference image, and two of them had a pair of oval-shaped holes cut out arranged where they would be on either side of the leg.  These were hot glued in place, and there you go, the lower leg in all its unpainted glory.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this, but the lower legs were actually made of green, red, black, and white craft foam because I kept running out of a particular color and had to start a new sheet of foam.  I think I officially have no uncut pieces of craft foam left at this point.

After this, I painted the lower legs silver, dry brushed them with black for that aging effect this decaying, old animatronic so desperately needs, and mixed up a new batch of rusty metallic paint (despite being sealed in tupperware, it still dried out; tupperware, you have deceived me!) so I could add some rust.  And that’s basically it.  The lower legs are mainly complete now.  Like all of the pieces of Foxy’s costume, however, there are still some details I’ll need to return to later.  For one, I don’t know if the Velcro by itself will be secure enough.  And I neglected to paint the foam around the Velcro, so there is a stripe of red at the seams of his legs where the foam right beside the Velcro can be seen.  I thought it would have been covered, but alas, no.  I’ll have to paint it or something.  But that is a job for another day.

Foxy's brand new legs. They're...kind of flat.
Foxy’s brand new legs. They’re…kind of flat.
Dry brushing complete! It's always hard purposely ugly-izing my costume....
Dry brushing complete! It’s always hard purposely ugly-izing my costume….
A close-up of some rust. Now that it is partially Velcro'd shut, it looks more like a leg. Yay.
A close-up of some rust. Now that it is partially Velcro’d shut, it looks more like a leg. Yay.
This rust accidentally looks like a T-rex head. What do you see when you look at it?
This rust accidentally looks like a T-rex head. What do you see when you look at it?

After all this hard work, I’m finally getting pretty close to completing this costume, which is quite exciting.  Aside from fixing up the problem areas, I need to add a few more details to the torso, and then it’s onwards to the most important part of all, Foxy’s head.  I sure hope I can do him justice.  I’m as excited as I am hesitant, not just because it seems like it will be difficult, but because I’m not totally okay with granting him the ability to bite.

I Think Metal Legs on a Duck Might Hinder My Swimming Abilities….

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