Foxy Cosplay: The Upper Legs

Now that Foxy’s waist is done, it’s time I finally got around to making his legs.  Foxy’s upper legs are comprised of brown pants, while his lower legs are merely metal endoskeleton.  I currently have a plan to ensure that his lower legs are much thinner than his upper legs, to give the illusion of a thin, metal endoskeleton showing beneath what’s left of Foxy’s bulkier, decaying body.  I won’t know if this works until later, but for now, I started off with Foxy’s upper legs.

His upper legs should be clearly thicker than his lower legs, so they are, like the majority of his body, made of one inch thick upholstery foam.  I wore Foxy’s waist while I worked on the shape of his upper legs, as it’s necessary that his upper legs parallel the shape of the waist.  For this reason, the top edge of his upper legs are higher on the outer side than the inner.  On the bottom edge, I cut out a rounded area for the back of the leg to make it easier to bend my knees.  Important stuff.

After rounding out the edges and adding some holes, I sewed dark brown fleece around the edges of the holes and the bottom edge because I had this idea that would make the upper legs look more like pants.  When I began to sew the main fleece on, I let it hang at the bottom instead of pulling it around the edges.  Next, I sewed on some Velcro so that I could wear the upper legs and get an idea of how long the pants should be.  This was a little troublesome, however, for the left leg kept falling off, and the right kind of just hung there lower on my leg than I would have liked.  In the future, I believe I will need to add something detachable between the waist and legs to help hold the upper legs up because it’s definitely not ideal for your legs to fall off when you walk.  Not ideal at all.

The strangely shaped foam and their weird fleece skirt.
The strangely shaped foam and their weird fleece skirt.

After messing about with these uncooperative legs for a short while, I figured that I wanted the loose fabric to hang just past the top of the knee.  So I cut the fabric to the correct length, then I made it raggedy and added holes so that it looked as if Foxy’s pants were rather old and tattered.  I think the effect is fairly, well, effective.  Anyway, Foxy’s legs do need some adjustments to make them more secure, but on the most part, the costume is looking pretty good.  I even tried on most of the pieces together, and I’m starting to really look like an animatronic fox, even if I’m a rather bulky one.

It feels weird purposely damaging my costume, but it is a must!
It feels weird purposely damaging my costume, but it is a must!

For now, I don’t feel like bothering with the adjustments quite yet, so I’m moving along with the lower legs, which will be made of craft foam and paint.  That’ll be nice.  I was getting pretty tired of working with upholstery foam and fleece.  There’s only so long I can tolerate spending hours upon hours sewing fabric to foam.  Boring!

Half a Leg of Duck, Huh?

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