Foxy Cosplay: The Waist

Hey there, I’m still working my way through my Foxy the pirate cosplay, and now it’s time for the body.  Though I got substantial work done on his torso recently, I actually completed his waist first, so that shall be the next piece to cover.  To start, I like beginning with simple shapes when possible to make my work easier.  Foxy’s waist began as a rectangle, upon which I drew, well, a bikini bottom pattern which I found online two times, side by side.  Cutting this out, I folded it in half and attached the bottom area with spray glue.  That created one leg hole and an open area to make it easier to put on, which I intended to close off with Velcro or some such thing.

After that, I worked on trimming the foam so that it would fit me better.  The main thing involved shaping the leg holes, which is rather difficult to explain, but I basically drew on the foam with marker where it was tight on my legs.  Then I would cut off this part of the foam, try it on again, and repeat the process.  Slowly, I would trim and trim until the waist fit quite nicely.  After eventually enclosing Foxy’s torso (which will be covered in another post once it has been completed), I was able to wear the torso and the waist together and trim the waist down where it went too high and interfered with the torso.  I also accidentally cut the waist to the point that it was too tight, so I sewed some foam back on to make it larger again.  Woops.

The last issue I had was the fact that the front of the waist was really hanging out away from my stomach for some reason.  This is an issue I had with the front of Rosalina’s dress, so I employed a similar technique to fix it.  When sewing, I pull together a triangular bit of fabric and sew it down to eliminate such issues.  With inch-thick foam, I instead cut out a triangle in the front of the waist and sewed it shut.  This pulled the waist in at the front so it wasn’t all weird and open anymore.  It wasn’t terribly secure being sewn closed, but I figured the fabric would help to keep it together once that was added.

Here I present you all with what I like to call "Foxy's foam diaper". Eww...
Here I present you all with what I like to call “Foxy’s foam diaper”. Eww…

Eventually, the waist was fitting pretty well, so I trimmed the edges to make it more rounded and cut out some dark brown fleece I’m using for his pants.  It’s not furry like the red and light brown fabric I use for his, well, fur because I thought his pants obviously needed a different texture from his fur coat.  To cover his waist in fleece, I basically starting by sewing it on one side of the open end, and then I’d alternate between sewing the top edge and the edges of the leg holes.  All the while, I would pull it tight and smooth so there would be no creases and just worked along from one side to the next.  A few hours later, and his entire waist was covered in dark brown fleece, and I must add that it’s amazing how much of a difference the fleece makes.  One moment it’s a hunk of foam, the next it’s really looking like a piece of the costume.

After that, I added some sticky Velcro, which I also sewed on for added security.  This makes the needle very sticky, but next time I sew fleece onto foam, this always cleans the needle right up and gets rid of the stickiness, which is nice.  I don’t like sticky needles, and the needle I use is extra long, making it my favorite needle.  I simply can’t have my favorite needle all gunky.  With the Velcro added, the waist stayed on really well.  I was worried it would be too loose and fall down, but it stays on quite nicely and is fairly comfortable, as well.  Huzzah!

The completed waist. Yep. Not that impressive, is it?
The completed waist. Yep. Not that impressive, is it?

The only issue is the Velcro isn’t terribly secure.  It worked pretty well on the waist, but not that well on the torso.  As a result, I am contemplating another method of securing the pieces of my costume closed, as I’d hate for something to pop open at the comicon.  Maybe extra Velcro will work or even a zipper, but that’s something I’ll get to in the future.  For now, I want to focus on getting as much done as possible before I pursue such detours.  While this costume has been a lot of work, I’ve certainly been productive lately, and things are coming together nicely.  This might be my best cosplay yet.  I hope….

Not a Waste of a Duck, Ha Ha

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