Cosplay Detour: Chica’s Bib

After making Chica’s cupcake for mom’s future Chica cosplay, I only had one final thing to create for her costume, as the rest is going to be store bought (I have my hands full making Foxy this year, you see).  The last thing I needed to make was Chica’s bib.  Even though her cosplay is going to be based more on Toy Chica, whose bib says “Let’s party”, this one is going to say “Let’s eat” like the original Chica.  Because “Let’s eat” sounds far more threatening.  What, or who, do you plan on eating, Chica?…

I could buy a “Let’s eat” shirt on Amazon and make some adjustments, but the shirts are rather expensive, so I decided to just make the entire thing from scratch.  I bought some fabric paint and located the correct fabric with which to make the bib from.  The only white fabric I have that isn’t shiny or spandex is this thin white fabric I used for Vanille’s skirt.  Since it’s so thin, the bib will need to be two layers, which is all well and good.  But first, I needed a pattern.

I found a bib pattern online, and it’s quite an easy concept.  Based on the pattern I found, I made a pattern out of paper.  Once it seemed to be the correct shape and size, I used it to cut out two pieces of white fabric.  So far, so good.  Now for the hard part.

The fabric on the left, the pattern on the right, and the scissors that made it all possible.
The fabric on the left, the pattern on the right, and the scissors that made it all possible.  Why does my carpet look weird?…

Before I sewed the fabric together, I needed to do some painting.  And before I could do some painting, I needed a template.  I figured out the general space the words needed to take up, and I broke it down into a grid with eight spaces (for seven letters, the eighth space reserved for the three exclamation points).  Using this grid, I carefully drew the letters and their borders as accurately as I could.  I decided I needed two templates, so I made two copies of my letters on my handy, dandy printer.  Yay!

I cut a file folder in half and used packing tape to tape my copies to them to make a nice, solid stencil.  Then I started cutting.  I wanted a template for the borders and one for the letters.  The letters needed an extra piece for the hole in the A, while the template for the border was a bit odd, as it was accompanied by three pieces to account for three areas of white space in the shape.

Here we have my two templates and the original "Let's Eat!!!" I drew. I couldn't bear to chop up the original, so I made copies of it instead to use.
Here we have my two templates and the original “Let’s Eat!!!” I drew. If you look closely, you can see Elsa’s paws a little bit….

Once this was done, I decided to paint the blue border first, but rather than use the pattern for the border, I started with the border for the letters.  I thought it was best to trace the letters in blue first to get a clear idea of where they would be before the border was painted.  Once this was done, I was also able to more accurately place those three extra pieces, and I used my border template to paint the rest of the border.  When I peeled it off, I was quite pleased to see how clean the edges were.  Honestly, I expected it to be a mess, but it turned out quite okay indeed.  As I waited for it to dry, I painted on the confetti in the same pattern as the reference I found for Chica’s bib.

You can already see the message coming together. How exciting!
You can already see the message coming together. How exciting!

The next day, it was time to paint on the yellow words.  I got my handy letter template out and placed it where it should go.  It took about four coats of yellow paint to cover the letters to my liking, even though the blue took just one.  Unfortunately, after all this paint had been applied, it was quite difficult peeling the template off.  In my effort, a thin layer of paper tore off the underside of the file folder in various places, which I later had to pull off of the fabric.  In the end, the letters were fairly clean, but there were plenty of places where I needed to reapply blue paint in order to clean up the border where the paper had stuck at the edges of the words.  Meanwhile, underneath the fabric, the newspaper on which I had placed it had stuck, as well.  I managed to free most of it, but there are still some pieces I was not able to peel off.  Fortunately, once the two pieces of fabric are sewn together, no one will be aware of this little blunder.

And the painting is done! It's the next Mona Lisa!
And the painting is done! It’s the next Mona Lisa!

So that’s what I did.  I…sewed the two pieces together.  And added some Velcro to those long, thin areas that go around the neck so it’s easy to close it off.  I originally planned on the ends just being tied together when the bib is worn, which does work, but it also pulls the bib up in a strange fashion that distorts the letters.  Plus, it doesn’t seem as secure that way.  And I’m all about costumes being as secure as possible (which explains why I went through that Velcro fiasco when I made Foxy’s hand…).  Anyway, the bib is now complete, so that’s nice.  I never thought I’d make such a thing, but alas, now I have, and I think it turned out pretty decent.  Hooray for decency!

Elsa can be seen in the background, jealous of Chica's stylish new bib.
Elsa can be seen in the background, jealous of Chica’s stylish new bib.

I Hope Chica Doesn’t Eat Ducks

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