A Dark and Winding Corridor: Another Crazy Duck Dream

I had a rather spooky dream the night of 8/29/16 that was probably inspired by the FNAF/FNAF spin-off games I watch from time to time on Youtube and…Windows Movie Maker.  Because putting a lot of effort into a video, only to find out it’s been messed up, is a waking nightmare.  Not really.  But it’s not a fun thing to happen to people.  I’ll admit that sharing my dreams online is probably a bit strange, but I always found dreams interesting and hope that others might, too.  And I just enjoy keeping a journal of my particularly memorable dreams, so why not here?

I should probably start off with the less interesting dream first and get that out of the way.  I dreamt that a new gaming series I recently finished recording, which shall remain secret until the day I begin publishing it sometime in November of this year, got messed up on Movie Maker.  Yeah.  I uploaded one of the final videos onto Movie Maker, and a decent amount of minutes in, everything turns green and distorted.  I was horrified and contemplating whether or not this part of the game would need to be recorded again or if I simply needed to upload the video back onto Movie Maker.  Again, if you are a Youtuber, then you will understand my pain.

My other dream is one that would probably disturb anyone, both Youtubers and non-Youtubers alike.  I was in this dark hallway that made several 90 degree turns, and there was a door on one end I couldn’t open until I got something (I forgot what, but my guess would have to be a key) on the other end of this strange, winding hallway.  Somehow I was given the chance to attempt this seemingly simple task multiple times, but always to no avail.  Why was this so very difficult for me, you might ask?  Well, as I made my way through the hallway, strange creatures would start to come for me in the darkness after a short delay.  It was so dark, it was impossible to see them unless my flashlight was shining on them, and I vaguely remember them resembling those strange deep sea diving suits with the big, metal helmet.  The only way to get rid of them was to shine my light on them, but I was always too slow because they came from both directions.  I don’t know why shining my flashlight before and behind myself repeatedly was such a difficult task, but in this dream, I guess this movement required more effort than usual, and I was always too slow.

After some time, I decided my efforts were futile, and I would have to find a new solution to my plight.  I recalled a door that led to a small bathroom, a room that was brightly lit, mind you, and I thought it best to hide out in there.  I think I planned on staying in there until morning with the hopes that I could safely leave during daylight hours (even if the hallway had no windows, so perhaps that would not have been as effective as my dream-self had believed).  As I headed for the room as quickly as I could, with the hopes that I would get inside before the creatures showed up, I saw my cat Elsa.  I grabbed her and brought her into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

The bathroom was about…six feet by six feet (just now, I measured the space I thought it was for accuracy), with a brownish orange tile on the walls and maybe floor that made it feel old and rather dirty.  And there were about three leaks.  I think the toilet and sink were damaged and not functioning, and there was a third thing dripping, as well, but I forgot what it was.  (How a toilet could drip in a manner similar to a leaky faucet, I know not, but it was a dream, and I guess dream-toilets are different like that.)

The room was rather creepy, and I hoped that the lights would not go out, as it was only light that kept the creatures away.  I considered leaving the flashlight on in case the lights went out, so that I would have an immediate light source, but I decided that would potentially drain the battery and leave me with no light at all in the event that the lights did go out.  I’d simply need to be quick about turning my flashlight on.  It was as I hunkered down in this spooky bathroom to wait out the night that I woke up.  Needless to say, it was a rather unsettling dream, but one worth sharing.  Have any dreams of your own to share?  Please let me know in the comments!

A Hunkering Duck


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