Foxy Cosplay: The Arms

Foxy’s costume has been quite a pain, but I’ve finally gotten another set of pieces done, the four pieces that comprise his arms.  Foxy’s arms are made out of four tubes of inch-thick upholstery foam (the foam for the lower arms are tighter on one side to better fit my wrists).  The ends were held together with my weird spray glue, which was rather difficult to hold together, but after a few attempts, I finally got it to work.  These tubes were carefully measured to be snug on my arms, but not too tight, so that they will remain in place on my arms and not slide around.  The lower arms worked out fine, but the upper arms were too loose, so I had to cut them smaller and glue them again.  Yay, I sure love having to redo things…am I being sarcastic enough?…

After that, my foam tubes were carved a lot.  I had to fix the lengths, as they were too long, and I had to cut curved areas out at the elbows so it’s easier to bend my arms.  I also carved the ends to be more rounded, and I also cut out the inside of the wrist-end of the foam tubes to better accommodate my hands.  Without this, I was not able to move my hands up and down and all around, which was not ideal.  Next off, I accidentally made the tubes for the upper arms too tight (too loose, then too tight; whatever will they think of next?), so I had to carve foam out from the inside to loosen it up.  This was a pretty tedious process indeed, where I had to snip my scissors inside the tube until I had cleared out a few centimeters of foam inside.  (And it doesn’t help that my scissors have been really stiff lately.  It’s so aggravating, aargh!)  Last of all, I cut some random holes out of the arms so Foxy looks more tattered.  I also ensured all edges, including those of the holes, were carved out a bit on the inside so that I could add the fabric without increasing the thickness of the tubes (I didn’t want them to get too tight again).

My phone was being wonky, so I currently only have a photo of the pre-carved foam. Isn't it glorious?
My phone was being wonky, so I currently only have a photo of the pre-carved foam. Isn’t it glorious?

The next step was adding the fabric.  I bought this really awesome red fleece with a short fur texture for this very thing.  It makes Foxy fuzzy, but it doesn’t make him all shaggy like fake fur would.  I ensured that the fur was going in the right direction, and I began sewing it onto the foam.  (Some people attach it with spray glue, but this seemed like overkill.  Plus, it sounded quite messy to me.)  I originally tried sewing the fabric on starting at the ends, thinking this would be a good way to cover up the stitches, but I quickly learned that this was a bad idea.  When I did this, the fabric bunched up in a weird way, and it looked terrible.  To fix this, I went ahead and sewed the fabric down the side of the tube to secure it, then, I cut the clumps of fabric, crammed one half underneath the other, and sewed it over again.  When it came to the holes, I cut the fabric over the holes and wrapped it around the edges.  Unfortunately, while this kind of thing worked in the past, it doesn’t work when the object you’re trying to cover is thick.  There was not enough fabric to cover the edges, so I had to sew on more strips of fabric to cover it up.

This piece of the arm was kind of a mess, but I managed to save it in the end.  And fortunately, I now had a better method in mind to cover up the rest of the tubes.  This time, I started by sewing strips of fabric along the edges of the holes.  That takes care of them.  Next, I began sewing down the length of the tube.  Then, I wrapped the excess fabric around the ends, sewed it, and cut off the extra bits.  Then I cut out the fabric covering the holes and sewed down the fabric at the edges.  This was a much quicker, and much cleaner, method of covering Foxy’s arms in fur.

Foxy's fuzzy arms. He's a very red fox indeed. (Due to my phone's weirdness, this was taken with a different phone. Note the better quality.)
Foxy’s fuzzy arms. He’s a very red fox indeed. (Due to my phone’s weirdness, this was taken with a different phone. Note the better quality.)

After that, I only had some finishing touches.  I wanted to add some wires to the arms for extra detail, and I may need to do something about any white foam that’s still showing.  It’s still possible to see some of the white foam inside the tubes, but I couldn’t cover them with fur because this would make the tubes thicker and possibly prevent them from fitting.  I’m thinking red paint (fabric paint, if acrylic won’t work on upholstery foam) will fix this so it looks a little less obvious.  But right now, I’d rather not nitpick at these kinds of details until I have more of the costume done.  For now, I just added a few wires running through the largest hole I made in his arms, with one cut in half to add to Foxy’s damage.  To add this, I had to tape the ends of the wires (after braiding them), then I sewed them underneath the hole, in a spot that was indented so my arm wouldn’t touch them (I didn’t want my arm rubbing against the wires when I put it on, or else they might come loose).  The best way to secure the wires was to stick the needle through the taped ends a few times before sewing it on.  This made them stay on pretty securely.

What did I tell you about using your hook to scratch your itches, Foxy?
What did I tell you about using your hook to scratch your itches, Foxy?

The arms are a bit tight, and they don’t allow for full movement, but they’re comfortable enough.  Oh, and I also wear black tights on my arms (I cut them in half so I could wear them on both arms), which is a very effective way to cover them up.  I think they look good enough, and I’m pretty excited to finally see some of my lovely red fleece getting put to use.  Foxy is actually pretty darn soft, though I would still advise against petting him, if the bloodied claws aren’t warning enough….

An Arm-y of Ducks…Ha Ha…Ha

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