Six Years of Being a Quack

Has it already been six years already?  Actually, it feels longer…  Okay, well, today is the Duck’s sixth anniversary of blogging, and it’s been a pretty busy year.  First off, let’s start with some stats.  I currently have 295 followers, a grand total of 24723 views, with my best day being 208 views on…December 9, 2012?  Huh, good to know my best day ever came about three and a half years ago.  You’re really moving up in the world, Duck….

Now, for the major events, and there’s been some big ones.  Well, one anyway.  This past year, United We Game, the other blog I write for, finally started a Youtube channel!  As a result, I finally got to begin a long-time dream of mine, learning how to record gameplay.  In that time, I have learned how to record gameplay with video game consoles and the PC, how to edit videos, and how to live stream using XSplit Broadcaster, with my first live stream thus far being my Five Nights at Freddy’s Halloween live stream.  Exciting stuff!  And educational, too.  If you like gaming and haven’t already visited our channel, please do.  We have lots of great gaming-related videos on there.  You’ll love it.

My cat also turned two last Spring, so happy late birthday to her.  She got some new mice toys that day.  I also made two costumes, Rosalina for the smaller comicon and Vanille for the larger one, and started Foxy the pirate (from Five Nights at Freddy’s, of course).  In that time, I have learned such skills as how to sew on invisible zippers and how to make realistic rust using coffee grounds.  It really was an education year, after all!  I also finally got to see the Ratchet and Clank movie, which I had spent over a year awaiting with utmost excitement.  I loved it so much!  I am so excited to buy it on DVD so I can watch it again!  It really was a surreal experience seeing my favorite characters ever on the big screen.  It’s a day I’ll never forget.

‘Twas also a fun year for gaming, as well.  Most notably, I finally played through the entire Sly Cooper series and have become an instant fan.  I also got to play such classics as Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG, and my favorite, EarthBound.  Lastly, I played more of Valve’s hit games, Portal and Half-Life 2, and played the hugely popular PC horror games, Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 and 2.  How productive I’ve been, no?

So what do I plan to do next year?  Well, more of the usual, I suppose.  Keep gaming, blogging, working on my Foxy cosplay, and recording videos for United We Game.  I really hope to see our Youtube channel grow.  That’s kind of my main focus right now, really.  And, you know, it’s rather interesting to see how much my own speaking abilities have improved the longer I’ve been recording.  I have definitely become a lot more comfortable behind the microphone.  And I hope I’ve become funnier, too, though I’m not sure about that one.  (I like the humor.  Listen to me joke about stuff.  Um…a horse walked into a bar, and the bar said…never mind, I forgot.)

Anyway, back on topic.  It would be a dream to run a successful Youtube channel with Cary and Hatm0nster, and though it’s a tough thing to do, you never know.  It will certainly take a lot of work and a lot of time, but I’m sure our dedicated little team will go far as long as we keep at it.  We recently started getting requests for videos, which is pretty cool, so hopefully that means we’re going somewhere.

Oh, and my hopes for year 7 is to also get a PS4.  I need one.  I need it like cookies need milk.  Or how ducks need water.  I probably should have started with the second one.  It seemed more appropriate.

So, this year has been much better than last year.  As I said in my previous anniversary post, last year was one of the hardest I have ever endured.  Fortunately, this year has gone a lot more smoothly, which I’m supremely grateful for.  My goals: keep enjoying this easier time in life, reach 100 subscribers on our Youtube channel (we’re at 41 right now), and complete Foxy, my most complicated cosplay yet.  Can I do it?  Probably.  I usually try to set simpler goals so it’s easier to reach them.  Why not?  Lucky number 7, I hope you apply to years, too, because here we go.

Six Years of Ducking

6 thoughts on “Six Years of Being a Quack

  1. Not too bad my man, I would totally do Youtube, but I don’t know. I’m pretty vulgar, not exactly sure how many people would like that… Anyway, I’ll be checking that channel for sure.


    1. Thanks! Hopefully you’ll enjoy our videos. I think we have some pretty fun stuff….

      You could always give Youtube a shot and see how your channel does. There’s pretty much a place for everyone there. It’s pretty cool sharing actual video content with people. It’s something I never thought I’d be doing one day, but now I couldn’t imagine not doing it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much! It has indeed been a busy year, but a good one. Hopefully I’ll have even more awesome things to report for year 7. At the very least, I’m sure our Youtube channel will be even bigger by then, which is exciting enough.

      Liked by 1 person

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