Vanille Cosplay: The Fur

The title of this post may, at first, appear misleading.  Vanille has fur in two parts of her costume, so which, pray tell, am I talking about?  To which I respond, the back stuff, silly.  The shoes have already been covered.  I was pretty excited to work with fur, as I never had before, and it was quite a treat when I received a bag of fluffy, fake brown fur in the mail one day.  It was less of a treat, however, when I cut it.

The problem with long fur is the mess.  Once I cut the fur to the correct size, a lot of fur came loose.  The fur was attached quite securely to the backing, but cutting the fabric means lots of fur will be liberated from their bond, free to fly about the floor at any hint of a breeze.  To avoid dealing with stray pieces of fur every time I moved my fabric, I just put it on the kitchen floor and started pulling fur off the edges.  Eventually, I had a big, ol’ pile of the stuff.  Shaking the fabric quite vigorously, more fur came flying off, and I collected that, too.  After a little while, no more fur came free.  I delivered this fur to the nearest trash receptacle and got ready for phase…whichever came next.

First off, in order to wear the fur, which hangs over Vanille’s behind (I have heard this article of clothing referred to as a “butt cape” online, which sounds rather odd, but it’s very accurate.), I decided to make a rope to wear around my waist in the same manner as her bag, which appears to be pretty accurate in the reference picture I was using, as well.  The rope is covered in suede I hot glued on because rope can be scratchy otherwise, and it is closed using the last pair of hooks left over from Ghirahim’s cape.

After that, I turned my sights back on the fur.  This fur looks really good when people pleat it, so I tried this myself.  Problem is, I’ve never pleated anything in my life.  Rather than look online for directions, because reading is boring, I just arranged the top of the fur to have folds and sewed each fold together.  This ended up looking really good.  Unfortunately, when I folded the fur over the rope to sew it together and secure it, this kind of took the pleat out of it.  So now it’s mainly just a regular piece of fur hanging from a rope.  Some of the pleat is still visible, but it’s mostly all gone.

Do you see the pleat? Me neither. It was there. Once upon a time.
Do you see the pleat? Me neither. It was there. Once upon a time.

Ah, well, who’s gonna notice anyway?  It still looks good, and I now have another piece of the costume done.  All that’s left is her shirt, and then I can relax.  I’m never doing two costumes in a year ever again.

A Fluffy Duck

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