Elsa Says “Ah”

Maybe I’m rather biased, but sometimes it seems as if my cat exceeds the average level of cuteness displayed by most felines.  I also know people seem to enjoy pictures of cute and cuddly kitties, so sharing such things with you all is surely one of the kindness things I can do.  No need to thank me; I’m happy to do it.

My kitty Elsa sleeps in all manner of silly ways.  You may have seen posts describing how she enjoys sleeping on her back or wrapped up in blankets.  She also sometimes uses my computer’s power…thingy as a pillow.  You know, that big, block of a thing that’s part of a laptop’s power cord?  Well, it gets warm when the computer’s on, so she naps next to it, or on it, a lot.  No pictures to share of that at this time, but maybe someday.

A few days ago, as of writing this, I caught my kitty sleeping with her mouth hanging open, something I have only seen her do once before.  Though, I don’t recall ever seeing any other cat nap in so casual a manner.  I managed to take some picture this time, as I was too slow the first time she did it, so here you go.  You know it’s adorable.

She has fangs. Does that mean she's a vampire?
She has fangs. Does that mean she’s a vampire?

The Duck is Experiencing Slack-Jawed Amazement at My Kitty’s Cuteness


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