Vanille Cosplay: The Boots

Vanille’s boots were pretty easy to find.  After searching through several stores, I actually found some perfect brown boots at Target that looked exactly like Vanille’s shoes, minus the delightful white fur.  As you might have guessed, considering there was so little to do, this part of the costume was actually pretty easy, if not a little confusing.

You see, these are pretty nice shoes, and I didn’t want to permanently attach anything to them so that they could be worn on other occasions.  But how, I asked myself, would I attach the fur without any sewing or gluing?  It seemed impossible!  Or was it?  The answer, I believed, was Velcro.  First, I cut strips of fake, white fur, and I folded and sewed down about two inches on top to fold over the top edge of the shoes.  I then folded the bottom up and sewed that edge, as well, so no one would see the odd mesh underneath the fur.

Next came the Velcro, but the problem was, at this time, I had not yet completed my belt, and I wanted to have plenty for that.  I had good Velcro and old, cruddy Velcro (which also had an odd number of pieces, which didn’t make much sense…).  I wanted to save the good stuff for my belt, which is clearly heavier than some white fur.  I started sticking the old Velcro to the inside of my shoe, near the upper edge, along with a few more underneath that top flap I had sewn on the fur.

Since this Velcro was old, however, it was barely sticky on the bottom, so while I was able to attach the fur and put the boots on, taking my foot out caused the fur to come off, along with some of the Velcro.  After that, I decided it would be best to finish my belt and see how much good Velcro was left over.  Turns out, a lot.  I guess I had overestimated my belt’s need for Velcro, as there ended up being plenty for my fluffy pieces of fur.  Replacing the old Velcro with some larger pieces of the good stuff, everything stuck just fine.

Some fluffy boots. A bit scruffy, but they'll do just fine.
Some fluffy boots. A bit scruffy, but they’ll do just fine.

For anyone wanting to try this yourself, I’ll repeat what I did.  I sewed the top two inches of my fur down, creating a fold that fit over the top of the shoes.  Placing Velcro on the inner, upper edge of the shoe and on the underside of this flap caused the Velcro to hold the fur on.  I can still remove the fur, and if I’m ever unable to remove the sticky Velcro, at least it’s inside the shoe and won’t be seen.  And that, my fine folks, is how I completed Vanille’s footwear.  I now have boots for any occasion!

I’m Glad Boots Come in Sizes Compatible with Webbed Feet

2 thoughts on “Vanille Cosplay: The Boots

  1. I always find these inside looks at cosplay making to be quite fascinating. It sounds so simple, yet is simultaneously complicated. How many portions of the cosplay do you still need to create at this point?


    1. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying these posts. The problem I’ve found with cosplay is lots of things look simple, and then they turn out tougher than I had anticipated. Darn boots. And I actually finally finished this costume a short while ago; I’m just rather behind on posts. It’s a relief to be done, but there will always be more cosplays. The next one I have started is Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s. I need to stop starting so many tough projects….

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