When Cats Use Objects as They Were Actually Intended

Cats are pretty adorable creatures.  Sometimes, it almost feels as if they’re doing it on purpose, and it really only makes it that much cuter that they’re not.  They were just born that way.  There has always been one thing in particular I found especially endearing, and that was when kitties sleep under blankets like people.  I don’t know why, but seeing a cat napping with just its head visible has always been a pretty goofy sight, and I never pass up an opportunity to photograph it, that I may share it with the world.

I used to have a Manx named Arwen well-versed in this ancient kitty technique.  On more than one occasion, I would find that she had decided to pull a blanket over herself, after which a nap would ensue in utmost comfort.  Had she learned this from watching me (I hope she didn’t watch me while I slept….)?  Or was she just a kitty ahead of her time?  She could open sliding doors, after all.  Either way, her adopted brother Alex never did such things.  I think it was because he wasn’t super bright, and he was a big dude and probably had plenty of warmth-giving padding anyway.  But mainly because he just wasn’t all that clever.  He was still a nice boy, though.

I had never before seen any other kitty do what Arwen AKA “beans” did, so when I got Elsa a little over a year ago, I didn’t expect her to learn the ancient feline art of using-blankets-for-their-intended-purposes.  After all, how could she learn Arwen’s secret technique when the two had never even met?  And she has yet to learn how to read, so finding the answers in ancient feline tomes also seems out of the question.  Alas, my eyes may never again be graced by such an adorable sight.  Nay, never more, never more.

It came as quite a shock, then, when I came upon something most…um, shocking.  I often leave a blanket on the ground, which I make into the shape of a nest.  Elsa likes sleeping in her kitty nest, so when I’m not using it as an indoor picnic blanket, I leave it for her to nap in.  One day, however, I came into the living room, and all I could see was Elsa’s head sticking out of the blanket.  The rest of her was cozily tucked beneath the blanket she had somehow, thumblessly, pulled over her small, fuzzy body.  How she had done it, I know not, as I was too slow to witness the feat firsthand.  But she had done it, and I made no delay in taking as many photos as I could whilst the overwhelming cuteness lasted.  So, if you like seeing exceedingly adorable things, now you can view some stunning photos of…kitties sleeping under blankets!

Witness like never before, the astounding feline burrito!
Witness like never before, the astounding feline burrito!
Who couldn't love that fuzzy, wittle face? Am I being too sugary in this post? Sorry.
Who couldn’t love that fuzzy, wittle face? Am I being too sugary in this post? Sorry.
Later, she flipped around and napped the other way. How do kitties fold their paws like that, by the way? It's weird.
Later, she flipped around and napped the other way. She never ceases to amaze.

And before you go, pray tell, what particularly cute things have you witnessed your kitties, or other animal allies, for that matter, taking part in?  Let me know in the comments below, dear readers.  I’d like to hear your, ahem, tails.  …Get it?  *nudge nudge*  Seriously, do you?

That’s My Duck Tail for Today

7 thoughts on “When Cats Use Objects as They Were Actually Intended

    1. Thanks, she is indeed quite adorable. That’s cute when cats stick their tongues out. It’s rare for Elsa to do it, which makes it even more special when I catch her with her tongue out. Elsa hangs out at the table sometimes, too. She likes to lick my hand after I eat potato crisps. I think she likes the salt.


  1. How sweet! Our cat used to do something similar in that he’d somehow get himself all the way under the sheets and covers of the bed. So we’d come home to find a large lump on the bed, that, thankfully, turned out to be the cat. After some time we unfortunately discovered that however he was getting himself under the covers, he was scratching up the poor sheets to death during the process. We put a stop to that by propping up the covers with pillows to produce a tent-like structure. He no longer buries himself, but every now and then he still “requests” (i.e. stands at the side of the bed while giving up big kitty-cat eyes) a bed “fort,” especially when it gets cold.


    1. Aw, cute kitty. It’s so cute to find kitties under the sheets. It’s fun to pet them when they’re under the blankets, too. They usually get rather surprised when someone unseen starts petting them. It’s never fun when they scratch up the sheets, though, but the blankets Elsa uses are thicker ones, so they’ve survived so far. Scratching up stuff is definitely an unfortunate side effect of kitty ownership, but us kitty-fans always find a way. Elsa used to mess with the back of the couch, so I put spare poster board behind it. It looks silly, but the couch is safe now.

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