The Duck Faces the End of the World and Sorts Taters

The night of 12/19/15, or some such night of a similar date, I had a rather spooky, but interesting, dream.  In this dream, I remember my parents, Hope from Final Fantasy XIII, and myself, except I was Lightning from the aforementioned game.  Which was kind of cool.  (Not as cool as when I dream I’m Samus, but it was still kind of neat because she’s tough.)

We were all eating dinner outside at this picnic bench, despite the disturbing fact that the world was ending soon.  Hope had this otherworldly power that allowed him to travel into this cave where the end of the world would not affect us.  He said that soon, some strange…force would be set off.  It would travel from that spot to every corner of the globe, wiping out every living thing in the process.  This would happen fairly quickly, but once it began, we would have enough time to reach the cave, where I would have to defeat some evil creature at the end of it.  I asked him how I might prepare for this battle, and he simply held out his hand, and when I took it, a power flowed through me.

Anyway, whatever was supposed to happen, well, happened, and we drove for this cave as quickly as we could in a pickup truck (which we do not own in real life), and in the back of that truck was Hope and a bunch of creatures we were apparently friends with.  It was a rather strange group of creatures, including tiny fairies and talking pigs, which seemed strange considering how serious this dream was in other respects.  (I was also in the back of the pickup truck for the start of the ride, then when I realized my safety was particularly important due to the battle I would need to fight in, I was suddenly inside the truck with my parents.)

Before we had started driving, Hope had also warned us that, upon reaching the cave, we must never leave the truck.  There were monsters in the cave, and while they would leave us alone if we remained in or on the truck, they would attack if anyone fell out.  In fact, they were so fast, once anyone got out, there was no hope of rescuing them.  If anyone fell out, we had to leave them to their fate and keep going, as anyone who went to assist them would be doomed, as well.

Well, we reached the cave, and it was a narrow, spooky place.  Sure enough, a short while into our trek, one of the talking pigs fell out, and someone got out to help him, but was told to come back before they, too, succumbed to the quickly moving monsters.  The cave was thick with these monsters, and they did indeed move with unnatural speed, though I never got a good look at their appearances.  At another point in our trek, we had to leave one person behind for some reason, and this tiny fairy volunteered herself because, due to her small size, she believed she could avoid the creatures best and had the greatest chance at survival.  After that, I woke up.

Before this, I dreamt I was sorting potatoes.  It’s funny how the mind works, isn’t it?

The Humble Duck, Saver of Worlds


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