The Duck Visits a Haunted House and is Denied a Free Beverage

The night of December 12, 2015, I had a rather spooky dream, though I forgot most of the details.  Nevertheless, I remember enough to write a short, little post about it!  Yay!  Ahem, here I go…  It was an ordinary day, except I was going on a trip.  I was going to this strange house, and all these buses had lined up to pick us up.  The buses were from different locations, which were written clearly on the sides, though this didn’t make much sense, as we were all going to the same place, and we really only required the bus for our respective location, not everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of the dream’s middle bits have become lost to me, but I do know that things did not go well at this house.  We began to realize it was haunted (though, I don’t remember how or why), and our group had split into two, one group that chose to stay at the house and another group that chose to go off into the woods, where it was safer.  (It doesn’t sound too safe now, but either way, spooky woods seem better than a haunted house.)

I wanted to go with the latter group, but I didn’t know where they were.  I ended up walking inside with the remaining people.  After passing through this first room, we reached a larger room, and I could see a window above the door that led to the entrance-type room.  Through this window, I could see the light in that room going out.  It would go out entirely, making the room pitch black, and then it would come back on again, and I had this bad feeling that if the light went out entirely, we would not be allowed to leave the house.  I tried to convince the people of this, but they didn’t believe me.  I then told them I was leaving by myself if no one would come with me, but I wanted someone to go with me through the entryway because I was afraid of being in the room when the light went out, even temporarily.  Everyone was too afraid to do so until I called this one guy a coward, and then he did it.

Once I arrived back outside, however, I had no idea where to go to find the other people, but luckily for me, the buses had all come back, once again labelled with their destinations.  The bus to my exact location did not arrive, so I got into the bus that would take me closest to home, but I didn’t know who I could contact to pick me up and bring me home.  The funny thing is, I was supposed to get a free drink, and I didn’t, a detail which came about because that very same day, people in the line at the grocery store were being offered free drinks at the in-store café, and I wasn’t offered one.  Very upsetting.  Almost as upsetting as that haunted house…  Shiver.

Why Don’t Ducks Get Free Drinks Like Everyone Else?  Why?


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