Rosalina Cosplay: The Shoes

I’m finally nearing the completion on my Rosalina cosplay, though it is still not quite time to share my dress with you all, though I assure you, it is almost done.  No, today, I will be sharing the frustration of making Rosalina’s shoes.  When I looked at references, I either saw blue shoes or silver shoes on Rosie’s footsies, so I ended up looking all over for some blue ones, as I thought those would look the nicest.  Strangely enough, no shoe store, or Goodwill, and not even Amazon, had any blue shoes that were similar in style to what I wanted.  I finally just bought some decent white shoes that more or less fit me (I got flat shoes rather than high heels because you have to walk a lot at comicons, and I wanted to be comfortable).

At first, I was planning on spray painting the shoes blue or dyeing them, but I then got it in my head that it would be a good idea to cover them in the same blue fabric as her dress.  I was confused at first over what shape the fabric should be, and then I decided to make ovals, drape them over the shoe, and cut out a hole for where the foot goes in.  I then sewed as much of the fabric onto the shoes as I could.  Eventually, however, things became rather difficult.

The shoe before I massacred it and the shoe halfway after its hideous transformation
The shoe before I massacred it and the shoe halfway through its hideous transformation

The back of the shoes, for one thing, was of a thicker material my sewing needle couldn’t go through, while the front was just not very conducive to sewing.  Try sewing after sticking your hand into a cramped space.  Great, did you try it?  Not very easy, huh?  And so I decided, aha, I can super glue the rest of the fabric on!  Super glue is a cosplayer’s best friend, after all!  Along with foam and resin.  And hot glue.  And your sewing machine.  But I digress.

Okay, so my first bottle of super glue was empty.  Krazy Glue is out.  Let’s try Loctite.  This glue is thick and gooey, like caramel.  Surely it shall create the bond I need.  Nope.  In fact, this glue wouldn’t even stick at all.  It just turned into a moist mess.  Let’s try my third bottle of super glue, Scotch brand!  …I can’t open the lid.  Hmm…  In the end, it took the use of tools to open that bottle, and I finally got to gluing.  While I contemplated just why I have so many brands of super glue to begin with.

This went pretty well, as the Scotch brand glue seemed to form a much better bond than Loctite, though I realized that my oval-shaped fabric wasn’t really the best shoe shape, after all.  I don’t know what was, but this shape resulted in lots of spare fabric, and I ended up having to wrap my shoe like a Christmas present, resulting in some rather unpleasant folds.  Yikes.  Well, they’re done now, and I’m not totally happy with the way the front and back of the shoes turned out (that’s why I didn’t take any pictures of the shoes’ completed backs, as you might have noticed), but I did the best I could.  Now I wish I had just left the shoes alone and worn white shoes to the comicon, but alas.

The completed shoes. I have nothing clever to say here.
The completed shoes. I have nothing clever to say here.
Up close and personal. Careful, they bite.
Up close and personal. Careful, they bite.

The lesson I learned: when cosplaying, either choose a character with shoes that are easy to find or just be a lot less picky on what your shoes look like.  It’ll save you a lot of grief in the end.

Krazy Duck


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