The Duck Sees a Possible UFO…And Maybe Didn’t

You may remember a post I wrote some time ago (as in four years ago, so yeah, probably no one remembers that…), about how I never get to see anything cool, like Bigfeet and UFOs and the like.  Sniff, it’s just not fair.  Well, now I can gladly say I…almost saw a UFO.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Not sure.

You see, I was out at 6:30 PM the evening of December 12, 2015, looking at Christmas lights.  Driving west, I then noticed three lights in the sky, two large ones and a small one.  These lights looked abnormally bright (no, none of them were the moon…or the sun), and they just sat there in the same spot.  They didn’t twinkle.  They didn’t move.  They didn’t do anything.  Thinking they might be UFOs (possibly bent on world domination, even!), I took a picture of them with my phone (I only got two in my photo because a rude, inconsiderate tree was in the way of the third light).  They were just so strange because I watched them for a while, and they never moved from that spot.  I ended up returning home feeling quite proud that I might have finally seen something special.

Don't make a joke about probing. Don't make a joke about probing. Don't make...
Don’t make a joke about probing. Don’t make a joke about probing. Don’t make…

Now, I later found out that it was possible I was seeing the stars Altair and Vega, which are often accompanied by a third star, Deneb, so who knows.  According to the very honest and knowledgeable Wikipedia, these stars are the brightest of their respective constellations Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra, so maybe I saw all three of them together.  At the same time, I read that these three stars are supposed to be a bluish white, and I thought the lights were orange when I saw them in person.  In the photo, however, they do look white, so who knows.  Maybe I just got the color wrong….  Either way, it’s pretty cool.  Maybe it’s better if they’re just stars.  Stars don’t typically try to invade.  Except for that one time…but I stopped it, so there’ no need to worry about that….

UFD: Unidentified Flying Duck


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