The Duck Dreams of a Road Trip

The night of 9/27/15, I had a strange dream.  At the same time, it was a bit relaxing, too.  In this dream, I was going on a short road trip to this town an hour or two away called Devon.  Not sure why it was called that.  Maybe because of Devonshire cream perhaps?  You’ll get the reference later.  For whatever reason, I decided to stop and visit this nature park.  You know, like Yosemite.  That kind of place.

I remember walking about this large, green place all by myself, singing and just having a generally good stroll.  I eventually came upon this lovely, but small, lake (maybe it was a pond?), and I saw this bird swimming in the water that I thought looked like a pheasant, though in my dream, I called it a partridge, whatever a partridge looks like.  In actuality, I now think the bird looked more like a small peacock with a pheasant-like tail.  I began to take pictures of it with my nifty little no-contract cell phone (contracts are a conspiracy), but I realized my battery was running low, and I didn’t want to be away from home with a low battery charge.  Around this time, a couple people stopped by, two guys and a woman.  The guys were friendly enough, but when I told the woman about the bird, I didn’t see it anymore, so I don’t think she believed me.  As if a duck would lie.

I continued on my journey, wishing I had a way to charge my cell phone in the car, and I remember stopping at this other strange place.  I don’t remember what it was, but I remember lots of people, and they were getting things like free candy apples, but I didn’t feel I should take anything.  This woman, I believe she owned the place, then decided to give me something for free (I don’t remember what it was), but when I went with her to this cashier person (not sure why, if it was free), and she said I couldn’t have it for free.  I knew the owner would have given it to me anyway, but I decided to leave it behind and continue on my way.

I then arrived in Devon, a charming, old-fashioned looking town.  I had apparently been here before, and there was a tea place I liked, but I wanted to find a new place to eat on this visit.  I walked through the winding streets, and I went into a bookstore that looked interesting.  I ended up finding this table where they were selling artwork for Rayman Origins and notebooks with images of the characters.  I simply had to get stuff (the game really is beautiful), and I ended up finding a notebook that had this strange, artsy drawing of Razoff, a character from Rayman 3.  Being a fan of the character, I decided to buy it, but this weird boy came over and started bothering me.  I mainly remember him shining this purple light on things, but he was being rather pushy, and I didn’t get along with him at all.

Afterwards, my stroll began to take me to a part of town that looked a little less safe than the rest of it, and I decided I better go no farther.  I then walked into this tea place, and I was suddenly with this woman who wanted to stay and eat there, even though the place was creepy.  The place was a long, white hallway with tables in it, and the hallway made a turn at the end which led to a dead end, and that’s where we sat.  She grabbed these pale, unpleasant looking scones, but I didn’t want any.  I didn’t drive all this way just to eat at a bad restaurant, you see, so I left.  Despite some unpleasantness, I ended up enjoying this dream quite a bit.  It was kind of neat exploring somewhere new without even needing to leave the comfort of home.  Or bed, for that matter.

The Duck Doesn’t Have Time for Bad Scones…

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