The Duck Dreams of Fishing with Elsa

A few weeks ago, I had a few strange dreams I want to share with all of you.  In the first dream, I remember this odd town that had this fenced off section with really cool, old-fashioned buildings.  I wanted to show my mom this place, but when I wandered through the gates to check it out, a wedding was taking place there.  Awkward…  I eventually decided I better not linger, so I left.  By the time my mom showed up, however, the wedding had already cleared out, and we went to this beautiful white, two story building, which turned out to be a restaurant.  Here, my dad showed up, and we sat down to have lunch.  I think we got our drinks, but I don’t think our waitress ever returned, so I think we were considering leaving at that point.  This dream seems to be further proof I love food too much because I always seem to end up in restaurants lately….

Now, I know not a whole lot happened in that dream, but I wanted to record it anyway, at least for my own sake.  Plus, I have a second dream to share that’ll surely make this post a bit more interesting.  In this dream, my mom, my cat Elsa, and I were sitting on this dock.  The dock was low, and it was on level with the water.  My mom was fishing (even though she’s not typically the type to fish).  It was really relaxing, even if, at the same time, we were really worried Elsa would get away.  She was mainly good and stayed with us, but sometimes she’d swim around in the water before coming back.  Huh, I thought cats didn’t like getting wet….

For some reason, we decided next to swim out into the water a bit and continue fishing.  The water was supposed to be the ocean, but it was very smooth and calm.  Mom somehow managed to continue fishing, while Elsa and I used what was either a wooden cutting board or the top of a TV tray to stay afloat somehow.  Sometimes Elsa would swim about on her own, and we would get worried she’d either wander off too far or would get too close to the fishing hook.  I made sure I stayed with her and didn’t let her get out of my sight.  After that, we returned to the dock.  While these dreams were rather simple, they both have stuck with me because of the strange feeling of calm they gave me, despite the bizarre details.  It’s nice to have dreams like that for once.

Ducks Don’t Need Fishing Poles to Fish…We Attract Fish With Our Charming Personalities Alone


2 thoughts on “The Duck Dreams of Fishing with Elsa

  1. Yes indeed, it’s a beautiful sensation just to feel calm, Duck, it radiates peace and contentment all around, and all we need to do is just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. 😊


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