The Monkey and the Koi

The other day, I visited the zoo and witnessed a very strange sight.  I had gotten some chicken and fries and had sat down at a bench outside, where there is a pond surrounding a little island with some kind of monkey.  Koi and ducks swim around in this pond, which I enjoy feeding from time to time, but there appeared to be no need of this today.

You see, as I ate my lunch, I watched the monkeys, and I noticed one monkey in particular was sitting at the bank of the pond with a bunch of koi in the water before it.  It was rather amusing, as it appeared the koi were so used to being fed, they expected it from everything that came over to them.  Upon closer inspection, however, I noticed that the monkey was actually feeding the koi.  Over the course of a half hour, the monkey would leave the koi for a short while to retrieve food, then bring it back and hand it to the fish.  The monkey would go to different locations at the bank each time, and the fish would follow him to this new spot to enjoy the offered meal.

I was amazed to see an animal sharing its food with another, especially considering they are of two entirely different species, and this selfless act of kindness simply needed to be shared.  By the time I took a photo, most of the koi were gone, but at least I got a little footage of this strange scene.

If you look closely, you can see koi in the water. You might need to enlarge the picture to see it....
If you look closely, you can see koi in the water.

Now If It Was a Duck-Feeding Monkey…


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