A Ducky Halloween 2015: Fun With FNAF and Jano

Happy late Halloween, everyone!  I had a pretty special one this year, and you might know why.  First off, the night before Halloween was United We Game’s very first live stream on Youtube, where I spent about an hour playing the horrifying PC game, Five Nights at Freddy’s.  For those of you who didn’t get a chance to check it out when it was live, I have provided the link below for you to view at your leisure if you so choose.  Please do.  Just keep in mind that it doesn’t officially start until about 8 minutes in when I start my spooky intro.  The time before that is just testing.

Of course, the whole point of testing is to ensure there are no issues, and this didn’t seem to help me any.  I ended up experiencing several technical issues, but despite these troubles and many, many jumpscare-related deaths, mainly thanks to Bonnie the bunny, everything went pretty good.  It took me a while to get through the first two nights because I didn’t understand the importance of checking the blind spots just outside my doors, but once I did this, everything went smoothly.  But, I won’t say anymore.  You’ll have to watch for yourself to see how far I got….

Video from Youtube User: United WeGame

The one other thing worth mentioning was this year’s pumpkin, which I have affectionately dubbed a “Jan-O-Lantern”.  This year’s subject matter was Jano, the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams from one of my favorite games of all time, Rayman 2.  (Fun fact: he is named after the Roman god Janus due to his two-faced nature.  One moment he’s waving at you, the next he’s trying to eat you.  He’s a strange one.)  Considering this is only my second pumpkin carving, I think he turned out okay, even if I messed up the proportion of his arms.  I was going for a peeved expression, and I think I got that, at least.  I was particularly proud of his face and the skull of his little staff thingy.  And in case you can’t tell, and you probably can’t, he’s wearing a big top hat, of which the stars and such that adorn it have been cut out.

Jano, get off my table!
Jano, get off my table!
I can still see you, mister....
I can still see you, mister….

All in all, it was a pretty fun Halloween, particularly thanks to the live stream, which was as stressful as it was fun.  It’s right up there with competing in cosplay masquerades, actually.  I hope you guys had a fun Halloween, too, and please, check out the live stream, if you can, and like, comment, and subscribe!  It doesn’t need to be Halloween to have fun getting frightened.  I’m also attempting to make it further into FNAF, so you guys might be seeing a follow up to our live stream in the future.  Sequels make everything better.

A close-up of his skull staff. It's got tiny nostrils.
A close-up of his skull staff. It’s got tiny nostrils.

The Duck Will Never Trust Bunnies Ever Again….

2 thoughts on “A Ducky Halloween 2015: Fun With FNAF and Jano

    1. Bonnie was absolutely relentless. And I’m not sure when it was that I started checking the lights, but it definitely helped. I guess I just thought if the animitronics were down the hallway, I was safe. Once I checked the lights, things got much easier, and I even have videos for nights 4 and 5 to upload this weekend. Woo hoo! Freddy ended up being the troublemaker in night 4. By night 5, I knew how to avoid all four of them.

      Thanks, I was rather proud of my pumpkin. It’s not bad, considering it’s only my second true attempt at a Jack-o-Lantern. Or Jan-O-Lantern, heh heh.


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