All Species Enjoy Marshmallows

You may have heard that I have a fairly new pet, a grey tabby cat named Elsa Vanille.  Elsa, for short.  (And no, she’s not named after the Frozen character.  Just forget about that movie, people!  Every time I go to the store, I hear little kids asking their parents for Elsa merchandise, if it’s available.  And while it’s a perfectly good movie, this confuses me to no end because the first Elsa that comes to mind now is my cat.  Just…let it go, let it…  Okay, I’ll stop.)  Ahem.  Well, while Elsa was quite a feisty thing back in the day (and by “back in the day”, I mean several months ago), well, she is still quite feisty, but in a manner that is far less annoying.  In fact, I’ve grown quite attached to her, and I thought I’d share a couple of her goofy antics, which are cute enough to warm even the heart of the abdominal snowman himself.  Or herself.  But then again, that would be an abdominal snowlady….  Let’s return to the topic now.

For one thing, Elsa is a super clumsy cat.  I’ve never seen a cat fall off things so much.  She trips when walking across tables, sometimes to the extent that she tumbles off.  (Don’t worry, she’s fine.)  She also has tripped on more than one occasion while strolling across the back of the couch, resulting in her falling between the cushions.  (The vertical ones against the back, not the ones you sit on.)  I know it’s quite common to lose money and snacks and, in my case, countless mechanical pencils, amongst the cushions, but how often do you lose your pet?  Not often, I would have to guess.

Even when she knows the couch has a tendency to eat her, she still sleeps blissfully upon it
Even when she knows the couch has a tendency to eat her, she still sleeps blissfully upon it

Elsa also loves to play with small objects.  She very much enjoys playing with a pencil, but what I find to be her silliest toys are grapes, cherries, and marshmallows.  I don’t know what compelled me to throw a small fruit upon the ground to begin with, but once I threw that first grape upon the carpet, she began to bat it all over the place.  I proceeded to toss it across the room, and she’d chase it, and she eventually punctured it enough that it got juice all over the floor.  The next edible toy was a cherry.  The most recent, a small marshmallow.  She will only play with the soft variety, as I bought a cheap brand once that was hard, and she didn’t like it.  Nor did I.  But, if it’s soft, she’ll chase it all over the house, and now she even sticks her head into the bag when I’m eating marshmallows and tries to take them out with her mouth.  Which is probably unsanitary, but very cute.  Sorry, kitty, no ‘shmellows for you.

This couch ain't big enough for the one of me
This couch ain’t big enough for the one of me

When she’s not being goofy, she enjoys long naps on the couch, where she might possibly dream about long walks on the beach, going on picnics (which involve sitting on a blanket inside the house, while I eat food, and she watches me eat this food), and gazing out upon her domain through the window.  Which is apparently only interesting when she’s looking out there, because when I have looked, I saw nothing worth staring at.  In fact, she’s napping next to me on the couch right now.  And sometimes…sometimes she snores.

I swear, this is all she ever does
I swear, this is all she ever does

DuckMallows, We Are Better Than Marshmallow Peeps

6 thoughts on “All Species Enjoy Marshmallows

  1. She’s so beautiful! Cats are particularly funny about their playthings, aren’t they? Ours happens to like pens. We thought that he might like long, cylindrical things generally, but we’ve tried to give him straws and pencils, and no dice. It’s pens or nothing. He also snores, and it melts my heart.


    1. Thanks, she is indeed a rather pretty kitty. That’s funny because Elsa only likes pencils, but not pens. Though, she has recently grown bored of pencils and prefers mice at the moment. I realized later that the mice had catnip in them, so no wonder she loves them so much.

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