UWG Expands to Youtube

In the past, I believe I posted a few, well, posts about some videos I had uploaded to Youtube, namely some gameplay videos of me screaming as I got pursued by Slender Man.  Yeah.  It was scary stuff.  It’s also possible I posted about some readings I did of some of my fan fiction, but it’s possible I didn’t.  If not, forget I said anything.  Seriously, don’t watch those.  They’re rather…not that good.

Well, even though my own personal Youtube channel is comprised of screaming or not that goodness, you might want to check out United We Game’s Youtube channel for some content that is much less not that good and involves a whole lot less screaming.  You remember UWG, right?  If not, it’s a gaming site devoted to all things gaming and the community that comprises it.  I am one of three admins for the site, and not so very long ago, we began our own Youtube channel, where I have thus far contributed an entire gameplay series on an obscure Wii title called Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, plus a few videos for a personal platforming favorite of mine, Rayman Origins.  As of writing this, that particular gameplay series is not yet complete, but it is updated pretty much daily.  Which is neat.  I also get 100% in every level and try to provide helpful tips so you can do it, too.  That is also neat.  And for my videos to be neat to the power of two, how can you pass them up?

So if you like games, and UWG, and me (of course, you must, or you wouldn’t have made it this far into this post), stop on by our channel, United WeGame.  There, you can watch stuff, like stuff, and even comment on stuff.  Subscribe, too, if you’d like.  We’d love for you to visit.


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