Five Years of Duckyness

I nearly forgot to type this post, and I guess when you’ve been blogging for as long as I have, it is easy to take it for granted that I’ve been doing this for, what’s it been?  Oh, yes, five years.  That’s right, say what!  I don’t know, just ignore that.  Ahem, so yeah, I can’t believe it, either.  I mean, seriously, half a decade?  That’s like, more than 1000 days!  I’m awesome!

So, this past year…has been hard.  Really hard.  In fact, it was one of the hardest years of my life, for reasons I probably shouldn’t divulge.  At the same time, I was also recently granted one of the greatest blessings I have ever had the pleasure of being, well, blessed with.  The great trial I endured this past year has recently ended, and for the great relief God has blessed me with, I have reached a new breakthrough in life and have learned to better appreciate the good times.  Seriously, all I need to do is remember the hard times, and I immediately appreciate any situation I am currently in.  (For example, I recently injured my knee and was unable to walk without a limp and a great deal of pain for a couple weeks.  But, did it bother me?  No, it did not.  I was still happy like you wouldn’t believe.  Without trials, I guess it’s impossible to know what it feels like to be truly cheerful.  I feel so enlightened!)  I am so happy my life is going better now, and I have made a vow to spend more time thanking God than complaining.  So far, I’m doing okay.  You know that song where you feel better if you think about your “favorite things”?  Well, I feel better when I think about my least favorite things.  I’m weird that way.

Anyway, enough rambling about that.  This year was also the year of Ghirahim, in a way, as I spent nearly that entire time making a really difficult costume for my second masquerade performance.  I learned how to work with foam, resin, and a sewing machine, and I have also learned that making clothes can be really upsetting.  Fortunately, the efforts are well worth it due to the great rewards, and I had a super fun time at the 2015 comicon, and I enjoyed all the love people had for Ghirahim, despite his clear villainy.  Or maybe because of it.

I also got a new pet, a goofy grey tabby cat named Elsa Vanille, whose claws I am learning to evade, and I decked out my gaming room with various posters and figurines I have accumulated over the years, so it looks super neato now.  I got a Wii U and promptly got bored of it because I was far busier playing Ni no Kuni on the PS3 (that game is awesome), replaying Rayman 3 (I’ve brought my ultimate high score up to about 430,000), and downloading various SNES games on the Wii.  I played my first PC game, Slender: The 9 Pages, and I recorded my first Youtube video, some recorded gameplay of said game.  Plus, I became a tea drinker and have had quite a lot of fun making delightful afternoon teas, complete with little sandwiches and treats, which has been quite a joy.

So, yeah, despite being a pretty rough year, this year had a lot of good things, too, and honestly, what’s better than the end to hard times, huh?  Nothing.  Nothing’s better.  And as usual, I’ve had a great time writing for this blog, and I feel as fresh as ever.  And now, for some stats probably no one but me cares about.  No one but I?  Oh, whatever.  The number of followers has gone up from 207 to 273, and my total views have increased from 17002 to 21579.  I’ve also had 1468 comments, including my own, and my greatest views in one day is 208 on 12/9/2012, which is neat, but it also makes me sad my best day was several years ago….  Anyway, see you for year six!

The Duck Whose Blog is a Quarter of a Score Old


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