Rosalina Cosplay: The Earrings

I’ve been hard at work on my third cosplay, and the next thing I completed was Rosalina’s star-shaped earrings.  This was a rather difficult shape to make, so I first began practicing with paper.  I found that I could cut out a four-pointed star, with some carefully-placed folds, for each side of each earring.  I then ended up cutting out this shape four times out of foam, two for each earring.  I quickly found, however, that the foam didn’t fold very well.  It was just too thick, and if I folded it, it would merely flatten out again after a few seconds.  Nay, that simply wouldn’t do, as I needed a 3D shape, not a goofy flat one.  Nay, indeed!

Fortunately, I found that cutting the foam where the folds should go with an exacto knife was the solution I needed.  This allowed the foam to fold better, but that still didn’t cause it to hold its shape once I released it.  Hmm, but alas, I had a cunning idea up my feathered duck sleeves.  And so I proceeded to experiment with the powers of super glue, and I had much success.  I folded each point of the star into the shape I wanted and glued the creases.  To my relief, the glue held far better, and far quicker, than I expected, and the foam remained folded even after releasing it.  I also ended up gluing myself to the foam several times, as well.  Ouch.

Stars are made of foam; few astronomers realize this...
Stars are made of foam; few astronomers realize this…

After the folds were glued in place, I needed to take a break from my regularly scheduled super gluing to incorporate the actual earring.  When I bought the clip-on earrings for my Ghirahim costume, it came with a whole bag of earrings in different colors, including two gold ones that would work perfect for Rosalina.  I tied my stretchy jewelry string to each earring and glued the ends to one half of the foam star.  The problem was, when I held the star from the ring, it pointed off in some strange direction.  As in, horizontally.  Hmm, that would certainly look weird.  So instead of having it hang from the string, which was far stiffer than I expected, I forced the star into the position I wanted and super glued it directly to the ring.  It now hangs in a far more natural manner, so I should look far less freakish.  Huzzah!

With the earrings attached; something still seems off, though
With the earrings attached; something still seems off, though

Next, I glued each half of each earring together, being careful to close up every seam, and then I painted it gold.  While I waited for the paint to dry in between each layer, I hung them from paintbrushes placed over an old Disney cup.  Very convenient, if you ask me.  I felt very clever, too.  And there you have yet another piece of my project complete.  Although the shape of the earrings looked rather complex, you can make anything just by planning it out ahead of time and breaking the project down into small and simple steps.  Just make sure you have plenty of super glue.  And don’t glue yourself to your work.  I lost a bit of skin making these earrings….  Luckily, washing your fingers in finger nail polish remover helps to remove the glue.  Even if it made me smelly….

Now we're getting somewhere
Now we’re getting somewhere
My lovely assistant, a Jungle Book cup
My lovely assistant, a Jungle Book cup
Made with real gold...colored paint.
Made with real gold…colored paint.

A Gold (Colored) Jewelry Making Duck; And I Mean the Jewelry is Gold (Colored), Not the Duck


6 thoughts on “Rosalina Cosplay: The Earrings

    1. Thanks much! I think everything’s turning out pretty neat so far. I just hope I can do as well on the dress. I’m afraid of that part.

      I have yet to play Yoshi’s Wooly World. I’ve looked into it, though. It looks interesting.


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