The Duck Harvests Umbrellas and Loses a Pencil

I had a very strange dream the night of April 27, 2015.  First off, I remember a rather long dream involving myself, someone I don’t remember, and, well, Dr. Nefarious, the villain from the Ratchet and Clank series.  He was his usual loud self, but I don’t remember if he was particularly bad in this dream or not.  Just grouchy.  I don’t remember many of the details of this dream, but I do remember another dream I had afterward.

It started off in this large yard behind a house with a lot of people milling about.  It was akin to a mental hospital because everyone was acting strangely, but I don’t remember if we were actually mentally ill or not.  Either way, people seemed strangely suspicious of me.  They seemed to think I was strange and up to weird things, and I decided to pay them no heed and continue on with whatever it was I was doing.  I remember talking to this woman, and she seemed unsure whether or not she should be seen talking to me.

I then went over to this circular area of dirt off to the side with these strange, round white flowers growing, but when I sat down to pick them, they became, to my surprise, white umbrellas.  I picked the white umbrellas, and when I looked over, a cat had come over to lie down next to me, so I pet it.  There may or may not have been a weird guy about that I didn’t trust, which I’ll get to soon enough.

Next, I was helping my dad with something.  I was with two friends I knew long ago, and we were all outside this greenhouse doing something.  It was nighttime, and after we went back inside, I realized I had left my white pencil outside (my cat Elsa enjoys playing with pencils, and she has this white pencil she plays with, which likely explains the pencil in my dream).  I could see it on the other side of the glass, on some ledge bordering the greenhouse.  I wanted to go outside and get it, but it was spooky out there, so the older of my two friends was going to go with me, and we would only be gone a second.

We went into the room nearby where the door to the outside was, but outside in the dark was a bus stop and a man standing there, possibly the strange man back in the yard from earlier.  His clothing was black, so we could barely see him, but he wore white shoes.  He just stood there facing the door, and I decided it wasn’t safe to go out because I knew he was bad.  I returned to dad and told him about this, but when we looked back outside, a lot of people were waiting at the bust stop, and the man was gone.  I wondered if it would be safe to go get my pencil, since other people were around.  I think I woke up shortly after.  That was a rather spooky dream indeed.

The Duck Who Seems to Have an Obsession with Pencils Buried Deep in My Subconscious

2 thoughts on “The Duck Harvests Umbrellas and Loses a Pencil

    1. Years ago, I dreamed every single night that a huge asteroid would hit the planet right behind my house. It freaked me out quite a bit. Luckily, they eventually ended, but any movie involving asteroids disturbs me quite a bit now. Dreams can indeed be quite upsetting sometimes.


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