Top Songs from Quest 64

“Quest 64” is not one of the better games out there.  Heck, among games that start with Q, it probably doesn’t even rank very high.  The gameplay was tedious, the story was nearly nonexistent.  And yet, one thing they did right was the music, and this game does have some good songs that are worth sharing.  Behold, my top songs from Quest 64!  (Before I begin, however, does anyone else think the battle theme for this game is awfully similar to the one from Final Fantasy VII?…)

5. “Dindom Dries” is a desert location I always thought was quite fun because of the secret location…. Ahem, I think the song is quite fun, too. It has a good adventurous feel to it and a fun, march-like beat.

4. “House Theme” is played in buildings and is really soothing and peaceful. It definitely gives the feel of reaching a safe haven after a long, exhausting trip.

3. “In the Vast, Deep Forest” is played in forests, which really are rather vast and deep, for video game forest standards. This music does a very good job making the forest feel ominous and scary.  Its slow pace is akin to one tiptoeing through the woods, terrified of what may be lurking beyond the next tree.

2. “Isle of Skye” has always been one of my favorites. When you end up on the island and this music begins to play, you feel like you’re somewhere truly mysterious and magical.  I kept a save file here so I could come back and listen whenever I wanted.  I like how it starts off all peaceful, then, changes into something more dramatic around 0:46.  This song is simple, but beautiful.

1. “Highland” has always been my favorite because it is so darn awesome. I even have a save point in this place so I can return at any time.  It plays in the final town of the game, and it really has an ominous feel to it.  I love it!  It’s beautiful!

Dindom Ducks

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