The Duck Tries Butter Beer

I like trying new recipes, and just this past year, I have made a whole bunch of things I have never had before, such as my delicious pumpkin soup, squash soup, and the delicious meat pie called a tourtiere.  I also love trying recipes from books and video games, and today’s recipe might be one you’re more familiar with.

Some time ago, I tried sea salt ice cream, a rather strange concoction I first heard about in Kingdom Hearts 2.  It was all right, but very salty, and I can’t say I’ll ever want to try it again.  And then, just a few weeks ago, I decided to create another treat I learned about from fiction, the butter beer from the Harry Potter series.  I really wanted to try it at the park in Orlando, but seeing as I am not able to visit the place anytime soon, I thought the next best thing would be to make the stuff myself.  I looked up recipes for butter beer, the non-alcoholic, young witch and wizard-friendly, variety, and I found a site listing the five most accurate recipes.  Of course, #1 seems like the obvious pick, but instead, I ended up going with #2 because I found the many spices in this recipe to be rather appealing, and it involved less butter, for fewer diabolical calories.

Butter beer turned out to be very easy to make.  I merely mixed vanilla ice cream, brown sugar, butter (who would have thought, butter beer actually includes butter, but not beer), and various spices, froze it, then spooned the mixture into a mug (it simply must be a mug, though all I had were coffee mugs, not those naughty mugs people use for booze) and poured in some vanilla cream soda.  It ended up being quite a nummy treat, and for whatever reason, the ice cream reacted with the soda in such a manner that it became very foamy at the top.  I ended up liking this far more than my attempts at sea salt ice cream, and now you can try it yourself by using the link above.

Butter Duck


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