The Top Songs from DKC

Just recently, I noticed that I had a bunch of posts for top songs that had been sitting around on my computer, feeling quite neglected indeed, so I thought I’d better dust them off and get them posted.  One series that needed some musical love is the Donkey Kong Country series on the Super Nintendo.  This series sported some awesome gameplay, the best graphics the old SNES had to offer, and some pretty nifty, neato music.  That’s right, it was nifty and neato.  So behold, my favorite songs from the original Donkey Kong Country!

10. “Northern Hemispheres” plays in the snowy levels, and it manages to convey not only the frigid temperatures and danger associated with snowbound peaks, but the beauty, as well. I feel chilly just listening to it.

9. “Voices of the Temple” brings back horrible memories of getting crushed by beavers in wheels. Darn you, beavers.  At the same time, the music here is beautiful and really gives one the sense of visiting ancient ruins that have been lost and forgotten for untold years.

8. “Main Theme” is, well, one of the most nostalgia-inducing themes in the world. It’s made from pure memories and countless hours of platforming goodness.

7. “Forest Frenzy” plays in forest areas, as you would guess. It’s just a very fun song.  I don’t have tons to say about it….

6. “Aquatic Ambiance” is a beautiful and soothing song played in the water areas. While this song makes me feel at peace, one can’t forget that these calm waters do hide their fair share of danger….  Lovely song.

5. “The Credits Concerto” is a good song, but it also manages to bring up feelings of depression over finishing such an awesome game. I did always love watching all the characters go across the screen, though.

4. “DK Island Swing” is a really fun song with a good beat that is played in the jungle levels. Classic Donkey Kong!

3. “Treetop Rock” is a super fun song that plays in Treetop Town, which I always thought was a rather interesting place. If it weren’t for all the crazy barrels wanting to blast me into oblivion.

2. “Gangplank Galleon” is the theme for the final boss battle with King K. Rool on his ship, the Gangplank Galleon. I love how it starts off all fun and nautical, and then it turns into this awesome boss battle music with an electric guitar and drums.  This song.  Is.  Awesome.

1. “Fear Factory” proves that factory levels always have the best music. It’s just…listen to it.  It’s great and definitely the best music in the game by far.  By far, darn it!

D. Uck

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