The Duck’s Been Recognized…for the Blogger Recognition Award!

I was recently nominated by the most kind Dinodimare for the Blogger Recognition Award!  Thanks so much!  As is the case with all delightful blogging awards, there are a few little things I need to do: give two pieces of advice, tell how my blog got started, and nominate a few more deserving individuals.  Here I go.

            My Most Sagely Advice

  1. First off, and this idea didn’t come about until after I wrote about how I started blogging… Don’t make a blog for the purpose of earning money.  Not only is such a goal difficult to meet, but I think the best blogs are made by those who enjoy what they’re doing and only blog because they love it.  You need to have fun, and if you enjoy what you’re doing, your readers should enjoy it, too.
  2. Unless you know a lot about something, don’t choose a narrow topic. My original topic was about my art and writing, of which I found I had far less to say than I originally thought.  My blog is now about everything, from dreams to cooking to gaming to random experiences and thoughts.  The variety makes this blog far more fun to write for, and I hope it keeps it more interesting for my readers, as well.

As for how I got started, well, it’s not a very exciting story, but there came a day when I got to thinking about other potential ways of making money.  My dad had created his own blog, and so he suggested I try the same.  He had a book on blogging, which I skimmed over, but not being much of the reading type, especially when no adventures are involved, I decided the best way to learn about blogging was to jump right in.  My dad’s blog was on WordPress, so I decided to just use the same site as him.  My original idea was to talk about my art and my writing, but I quickly ran out of ideas.  The site ended up becoming a lot more video game-themed for a while to give me a new topic to write about, until I became one of three admins on a gaming blog called United We Game.  I have since reached a happy little system for posting, where my gaming posts go largely to UWG, while I have come up with a bunch of new topics to discuss here, like my funky dreams and adventures in baking.  And the funny thing is, I never made a cent on this site, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Blogging has become its own reward.

And now, my nominations!  I’m not sure how many I should do, so I’ll just pick five.

I’ve Been Recognized as a Duck

8 thoughts on “The Duck’s Been Recognized…for the Blogger Recognition Award!

  1. Wow, your story’s almost the same as mine! I guess parents can be a a big influence (though it sounds like your dad is more technically advanced than my mom)


    1. It’s funny how our motivations for doing something change. And my dad stopped blogging long ago, and I’m still going. I think I enjoy writing even more than he does. I used to keep a journal in a notebook, and now I just do it on the Internet. It’s more fun this way.

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