The Duck Encounters a Cheesy Chicken

I had a very interesting dream the night of March 17, 2015.  For whatever reason, this one was particularly vivid, and I’m not sure why.  To begin, it was a dark and stormy night, which is completely not true, and probably not that funny anyway….

Let’s try again.  This dream began when I woke up (what a contradiction, waking up in a dream) one morning in this weird, two-story house.  It was located by a lake and had a first floor where the stairs were in the middle, with the rooms being arranged in such a way that you could walk about in a loop.  This layout was similar to a house I once lived in, while the location is not, nor the condition, as I remembered the color grey a lot, making me think the house was rather old, and the paint may have been peeling from the walls.  It was not, however, an unpleasant place, nor did this detract from the homey feel one bit, as you might suspect.

My mom was cooking a fancy meal that day which she said had a good smell I would notice right away.  I didn’t know what she was making, but I saw chicken and fish, including chicken covered in cheese (which looked delicious in the dream, but which would likely be odd in the world of the waking), several layers of raw fish yet to be cooked (which I accidentally took a piece from and then put back, but it was obvious this tampering had taken place), and the skeleton of a big swordfish.

The house was indeed beginning to smell quite delicious, just as mom said, and at some point, we got to figuring out how to dispose of the swordfish.  She and dad planned on using a big bone from it in some future stew, and we managed to get the bone free that we wanted, along with some strange wrapper it had on parts of it, before we threw the remaining bones into the lake, thinking it would be an interesting thing for scuba divers to look at, which was a rather weird thought, but okay.

This dream was then followed by another where I was at this comicon.  It was a rather big one, and it took place in more of a several story mall than the usual building.  I had somehow gotten there early enough that I had several hours to kill before the prejudging I had to go to before I would be allowed in the masquerade that evening.  I remember there was this odd café with purple walls where you could sit at a counter while some magic would play that I think was specifically chosen for you (I heard “Under the Sea” from “The Little Mermaid” playing, for the strangest reason), drink tea or some such thing, and get a design painted on your face (a bad idea if you are cosplaying as a particular character, come to think of it), kind of like at carnivals where scary people dressed as clowns paint kitties and dragons on your face, but this dream wasn’t scary (and didn’t include clowns, thankfully, or else it would have been a nightmare).  But, it was indeed odd.  I think you could only spend a limited amount of time at this place, and I would return over and over again once my time was up because it was such a nice place to sit and because there was a nice girl there I would talk to.  I don’t know if we knew each other before or not, but we got along quite well.

Then, she had to go to a train station, which would take her somewhere far away, while I had to go to prejudging.  She would be at the train station for an hour or two before the train arrived, and I was really sad because I wouldn’t get to spend this remaining time with her.  I knew she would be gone before the prejudging was over, and I walked her to the station, where she then proceeded to try and talk to the man sitting beside her, and I left.

The prejudging took place in this room almost like a classroom, and there were two women judges, a nice one and a mean one.  As I waited to see them, my wig kept coming off, and I had no idea why because I had practiced in the past and had used hair spray to keep my hair in check, and it had worked great before.  The mean judge was the main one judging us, unfortunately, and she said I needed to put my references in a weird, fuzzy binder with an odd name before she would accept it.  I didn’t know where I would find a store that sold them, but then the nice judge went and got some spare ones she let me use.  But, there was then some evacuation right before my turn was over, and we all had to leave.  Afterward, the prejudging was over, and I needed to find the judges so I could be allowed into the masquerade.

I checked in this one room, and it ended up being a fancy office of this man, with wooden walls and such.  The man was nice, and I asked him where the judges might be.  I don’t think he was certain, but he had a maid or something that might know, who was out in the hallway behind me.  I asked her where the judges were, and I think she was going to show me.  I believe my dream ended at that point, and despite it surely sounding like a rather unpleasant dream at parts, it was actually rather fun because I could, and still do, see it so very clearly in my mind.  And there were no clowns in it.

A Duck That is Now Curious About Cheesy Chicken


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