The Time the Duck Got Lost in a Weird Hotel

The night of 7/28/14 or so, I had a bizarre dream where I went to this enormous, fancy, but rather old and creepy, hotel. I guess I was on a trip with my coworkers or something, but it was the people from “The Office” (the American version). Someone from HR from my real life workplace worked at the front desk of the hotel, and I had to wait in this long line to speak to her and ask her for my room number, and then Michael (again, from “The Office”) helped me to look for my room.

He was quite nice, and we wandered all over trying to find where my room could be. We ended up in this hallway leading into a creepy bathroom, the long kind with the stalls, and with no intention of going into such a spooky place, we headed off a different way, only to find a large room with a professor teaching a bunch of people. We went around to this back part of the room, and in one direction was this food court type area where I could see people sitting at tables and talking, and at the back of the room, not far from where we were, there was this doorway, and we went out into this strange, complicated city. I believe we found my room somewhere here, but I wondered what was the point of this hotel being so ridiculously big.

I then had another bizarre dream where I was pretending to be Ghirahim (from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”) because I wanted to be in character for when I dressed as him at the next masquerade (as you may know, I am indeed dressing as him at a masquerade a little less than a year from now). I was in this field surrounded by trees, and the wind was blowing the grass, and I was saying dramatic stuff at it for some reason. Then, a bunch of people dressed as Ghirahim started coming over, and I hid behind a fallen log, because I was embarrassed I wasn’t wearing my costume, which isn’t even finished. Through sheer willpower, my costume appeared upon me, and I stood, and we tried to act in character. They corrected me a lot, which I didn’t like at first, but then I was glad they were doing it because it would hopefully help me to do better at the masquerade.

I then had another dream with these two huge tanks of fish. I moved the fish from the dirty tank to the clean tank, but a long time later, I realized I left this yellow fish in the filthy tank and felt guilty.

Yeah, I have a weird mind.

The Duck Who May Very Well Get Lost in a Normal-Sized Hotel, As Well

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