The Duck Almost Has My Memories Stolen by FFIX Characters

I had this rather spooky dream the night of 9/22/14. I’m not sure how well I remember it, but I do remember the most important details. I remember there were these certain creatures, and if you touched them, you would lose your memories. But, what made them even more frightening was the fact that you wouldn’t lose your memories until after you woke up in the morning. So if you touched one, you wouldn’t know if it would cause you to lose your memories until the following day, which would be a mighty stressful thing to wait for.

Several times in my dream, I saw these creatures lying on the ground. I don’t know if they were dead or just injured, and I didn’t know which ones were bad and which were okay. Now, of course, it would be best if I just didn’t touch any of them to begin with, but for whatever reason, these other people and I had to help them or take them somewhere or something. I don’t remember. So you’d have to figure out how to do this without touching them with your skin. I looked for long gloves to wear, but what if they weren’t long enough, and the thing touched my arm? I also looked for fabric to wrap my hands in, but what if the fabric was too thin? Would that not provide any protection?

You may be wondering what these creatures looked like. Well, they kind of looked like the Black Mages in “Final Fantasy IX” (pay Google images a visit and check them out, if you are so inclined), but without the actual Mage. I mean, it was like their clothes, but with nothing inside, just this empty fabric that somehow retained a shape as if something was actually wearing it. There were a lot of these things, and I believe I accidentally touched one, and I began to panic. I had no idea if this was the kind I shouldn’t touch or not, and the suspense of waiting for your memories to possibly disappear was quite dreadful. I then saw a creature that looked like the Black Waltz variety of Black Mages, a far more sinister creature, and it occurred to me that these were likely the creatures we mustn’t ever touch, so perhaps I was okay.

I don’t remember much else beyond that, but it was a pretty creepy dream, and I am reminded that waiting for something bad to happen is almost as bad as it actually happening. Shudder. I’ll never be able to play “FFIX” again without screaming at the mere sight of Vivi. Stay away from me….

Duck Mage Who Can’t Waltz


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