The Duck Eludes Hairy Spiders in This Exciting Post

The night of 11/3/14, I had more of my deranged dreams. I remember one dream where I was at this Renaissance Faire type place dressed as Link from “The Legend of Zelda”. I ran into someone else also dressed as him, whom I had seen before, and they said they liked my costume, but I told them theirs was better. And it was. Yeah…

Well, that was the less interesting part of my post…. (Though, that would be implying that what comes next is more engaging. Sure it is.) I then had another dream that took place in my current house. There was this large spider (well, like 5 inches or so, which is quite large for a spider, but probably not too big for a dream-arachnid) and it had these bendy legs covered in white hair. It kind of looked like a brittle star. And its body was large, with only one segment that was kind of shaped like a pyramid. I tried to do something with it. I don’t know if I was going to take it outside or what, but then it started running at me, and I fled. It was fast, though, and difficult to avoid, and I think I even jumped over it to try and get away.

Then, my mom came over and was going to help the spider, as its strangely-shaped body made it difficult for the spider to move around (despite the fact that it clearly exhibited chilling agility), and she tried to grab it. Mind you, this is not like her at all, as neither of us makes a habit of picking up or otherwise interacting with spiders, except to murder them by crushing or poison. But, it came after her, and she finally managed to grab it, and she cut off part of the body (this wasn’t to hurt the spider, even if it would be a strange thing to do to a real spider), and once she cut off the excess body, the spider seemed to be, well, happier, I guess, as its body was now less cumbersome. It was rather gross and rather weird.

The Duck With Wicked Spider-Dodging Skills

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