Top Songs from DKC: Tropical Freeze

I had trouble getting into the first Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii, but with the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, I decided to give the series one, final chance, and I take it all back.  Retro Studios has done a wonderful job bringing Donkey Kong back, and the music is just one of the many areas they have succeeded.  So below, I have listed my top five songs from the newest Donkey Kong Country on the Wii U.

5. “Frozen Frenzy” (a remix of “Fear Factory” from DKC) is a pretty cool song that starts off more as ambient noise in the background that is perfect for a frozen factory, and about a minute in, it starts to sound a lot more like one of my top songs from the original DKC, just with a pretty nifty beat to go along with it.

4. “Current Capers” (a remix of “Aquatic Ambience” from DKC) is a lovely and soothing song, and it really sets the mood in these calming underwater levels. Calming when things aren’t trying to kill you, at least.  I think this song should play in aquariums everywhere.  It really gets started around 1:25.

3. “Homecoming Hijinx” plays in the later levels of the game, in snowy levels that finally give justice to the game’s title. This song is also fittingly epic for playing through some of the final and most challenging levels of the game.  This song manages to be lovely and awesome, all rolled into one.

2. “Grassland Groove” plays in the first level of the savannah world, my second favorite level after Scorch n Torch. It is a really cheerful, really fun song, and it fits perfectly into the most unique level of the game, with the dancing trees and the strange and colorful animal heads you get to traverse in the second half of the level, who bob in time with the music.  And I love those vocals.

1. “Scorch n Torch” is from the level of the same name, a place that consists of a burning grassland. I love this song, and I think it is by far the most emotional song of the game, as it really conveys the sadness and the hopelessness of the savannah as it’s consumed by the fire.  A beautiful and deep song and one I never expected from such a platformer.

Current Duckers

6 thoughts on “Top Songs from DKC: Tropical Freeze

    1. I’m glad I played this game. I could’ve missed out on some good stuff, including some good music. Just Scorch n Torch alone made it worth it. I wonder if a third game will be coming out in the future.

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    1. Indeed, I went through a bunch of songs before I came up with these five. I often get sentimental attachments to songs, as well, so songs that come from the original DKC games on the Super Nintendo always stand a high chance of making the list. I’m always biased towards those kinds of songs and towards sad songs, which basically accounts for three out of five on the list.


    1. I remember when I played the Donkey Kong on the Wii, I hoped so badly that they would have the music from the factory in the first DKC. And they did. I was so happy. The funny thing is, no matter how good the quality is in the new versions, the old versions of the songs will always sound better to me. Thanks to nostalgia, no doubt.


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