Ghirahim Cosplay Update Status: Bothersome

Good day, dear readers. It is finally time I gave you an update on my progress for this year’s masquerade. I’ve been quite busy with all manner of tedious and frustrating things, but it’ll all be worth it. I know it. So, on to all the nifty things I’ve done since the last update:

            Cape Status: Sewing Complete

The cape is almost done. I spent over a month sewing on yellow diamonds, which was not fun. And the sewing machine jammed at nearly every turn I made. And then I sewed the fabric around the weird, stiff collar by hand because I was worried the needle would break if I accidentally sewed the interfacing, and then, when I sewed the collar onto the cape, an illustration in why proper planning is a good idea resulted in me ending up with a collar which was not as wide as the cape, resulting in me having to bunch up the fabric of the cape to try to close this gap, which resulted in a large clump of fabric where I had pulled the excess fabric of the cape together to attach it to the collar. Luckily, I managed to dig up a little object for cutting thread out of my sewing box, which I then used to dismantle a section of the cape so I could re-sew it in a manner that was clump-free. In summary, the cape was really annoying, and I just need to figure out how to add the chain, those weird, metal diamond bits (which aren’t really metal, but I’ll get to that), and the hook for closing it.


The mere sight of diamonds enrages me now...
The mere sight of diamonds enrages me now…

Shirt Status: Done

I finished sewing the shirt. This was my first experience sewing spandex, and it took me some time to figure out how to make zig-zag stitches to accommodate stretching. And then I got to work. It started out far too large, but I’m terrible at judging sizes, so I simply sewed it farther and farther from the edge until it was small enough to fit me. It’s fitting quite nicely, and then I had to cut out a diamond from the stomach, get rid of the sleeve, and cut diagonally across the top, as it only has one shoulder strap. I also decided pins are a great help. Not only did I pin the corners of the diamond, but I folded down the top of the shirt until the diagonal bit was just right (I didn’t want to do any cutting until I was certain it was correct), and then pinned it in several spots, so when I sewed it, I could keep it accurate by simply sewing to the next pin, removing it, then moving on to the next pin. Not sure if that makes any sense, but it helped to sew in a straight line. And now it’s complete. Yay!


The hole was on purpose.  I swear.
The hole was on purpose. I swear.

Pants Status: Started-ish

Each pant leg was sewn separately in a manner similar to my shirt by gradually making it tighter until it better fit my legs. Then, I tried something that appeared very confusing. To sew two legs together, apparently you put one right-side out and stick it inside the other leg. I didn’t believe it when I made my pants for Kefka, so I just did it my way. This time, I wanted to do it correctly, so I tried what they said and pinned it, and you know what, it worked. Well, at first, I pinned the wrong bits, and I ended up with pants with two openings at the top rather than one, but once I tried again, it worked just fine. The pants are currently way too big, but I’ll just keep making it smaller until it works. Then, I have to figure out how to cut out the diamonds going down the front of the legs. I’ll just have to try my pin method again, I think….

            The Gloves: I’m scared

The gloves look scary. I cut out the fabric, but I haven’t started sewing them yet, but I did make these enormous cuffs by sewing fabric around interfacing with diamonds cut out of it. I then poked holes in the fabric where the diamonds were and folded the fabric around and sewed. The cuffs are now done and look pretty cool, but I am still putting off sewing the actual gloves until later. Eek!


Something about these gloves just seems off.
Something about these gloves just seems off.

The Extras: Resin Poured, Foam Cut

This costume involves a lot of extras. Thus far, I have created a bracelet out of craft foam by cutting out foam and hot gluing it together. I then painted it with gold, metallic paint to make it look like metal, and due to a Youtube video I had watched, I tried dry-brushing on a little bit of black by dipping the brush in black paint, then rubbing off most of it, then painting. I guess I didn’t wipe off enough, because I ended up violating my poor bracelet with streaks of black, which I promptly painted over. You can still see a little bit of the black, but it does add a pretty decent aging effect, so I didn’t bother to cover it all up. I then curved it with an iron. It’s not as curved as I want, but I can find some kind of clasps or velcro to hold it closed so I can wear it.


It's real gold.  Real gold paint.
It’s real gold. Real gold paint.

I then had to make molds for the resin to create Ghirahim’s earring and the jewel on his sash. I was told to make molds out of tag board and line it with tape, but making diamond molds was harder than I thought. I experimented quite a bit, until I was eventually able to come up with these two diamonds connected by one point, which, when folded in half and put together, makes a 3D diamond. Score! So I made my molds (plus the two metal bits on his cape were made the same way out of craft foam, though they have yet to be glued or painted), and I tried my first attempt at resin, the first half of the earring. The earring doesn’t have a flat base like the other jewel, but is 3D all around, so I decided I’d make it twice, and then hot glue it together. I’m not sure how that will work, but I can’t think of any other way….


The two halves of the earring!  Try to ignore the tape.
The two halves of the earring! Try to ignore the tape.

But anyway, more about the resin. This was quite a fun process, as I got to wear gloves and safety goggles while pouring resin and hardener and dye together, which made me feel like a bizarre mad scientist. I had the mold taped into this plastic container, but apparently that wasn’t good enough because it tipped over later on, spilling almost half of it. I managed to prop it up again and stick toilet paper around it to hold it up, and there was enough resin left in the mold that there was no need to make another one. I waited the full amount of time, 72 hours, for it to harden, but it turned out to be quite difficult to remove from the mold. I ended up needing to cut the mold with scissors and tear it off piece by piece. I finally got the whole thing off, but some of the tape still remains. I have yet to get it all off, as I think it somehow fused to the resin. Woops. I hope it’s not too noticeable. I then made a second mold and managed to get it the same shape and size by sticking the already-poured piece within it and messing with the mold until it fit the half-earring. As of typing this, I am waiting for the other half of the earring and the jewel to dry….


Also, try to ignore the crooked edges.
Also, try to ignore the crooked edges.

What’s left?

I don’t have a lot left to do. Besides finishing the pants and glove, I still have a little more hot gluing and painting to do, I have to mix some white and grey body paint to better match Ghirahim’s skin, I need to paint the latex ears, and I need to trim the wig. And make the sash, but that’ll simply be a big piece of yellow fabric. This costume has been a huge amount of work, but I’m learning new skills and mastering the sewing machine. The best part of all, however, is the fact that I think I’m going to look pretty good in it once it’s all done. I can’t wait to show off my stuff in this year’s masquerade!

A Craftsduck

8 thoughts on “Ghirahim Cosplay Update Status: Bothersome

  1. Crumbs, Duck, you have been oodles busy! So proud of ya, pal. I’ve been away for a bit. As you know I lost my darling baby brother. May he be at peace. Thanks much for your kind words – found strength and comfort. God bless! 🙂


    1. Yep, very busy indeed. It’s fun to see my project coming together.

      I hope you feel better soon. I know the pain of losing someone you care about, but once the sorrow begins to fade, it makes it easier to take comfort in all the good memories.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Everything looks great Duck. You have put a lot of work into this costume. Can’t wait to see finished product.


  3. It’s awesome to see everything coming together! As one who sews, I get that it’s a real hassle sometimes. But the end results are worth the effort.


    1. I am so excited to see what this costume will look like in the end, and because it took so long, it’s going to be that much more satisfying when I get to wear it and show it off. I’ve learned so much from this costume. I’ve even started sewing gloves for it. After this, I feel like I could sew anything!


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