The Doctor Rescues the Duck From Slender Man

I have been having a bunch of Slender Man dreams lately. I remember one where I was walking around this abandoned house with this other person, and we were afraid he’d show up, and I told her that I had seen him before. And then, as we were walking about this dark kitchen, we looked back, and there he was, and we immediately looked away (as you can’t look at him for long) and started trying to get the door to the outside open so we could get away as fast as possible, but it was terrifying not being able to see how close he was getting behind us. We then got outside and started running for our lives, hoping he wouldn’t simply teleport in front of us.

Then, the night of 9/28, I believe, I dreamt of him again, but this time I was with my mom, and he appeared outside, and we tried to run from him, but not being able to see him, we may have only been running closer, for all we knew. Then, the evening of 9/29, I was telling my mom about these dreams and saying I wish I would get nice dreams, like with the delightful Eleventh Doctor of “Doctor Who”, rather than creepy dreams about Slender Man. Well, my dream came true, as that very night, I dreamt about this very Doctor and two of his companions, Amy and Rory.

Well, I actually first had another scary dream, but this one involved this weird, shadowy creature where I couldn’t make out any details but the eyes and grinning mouth. It was on the other side of this doorway, and the room I was in was a bit dark, and mom and I made it go away, but she said it was a siren, and if I saw it in the future, not to go near it, as the creepy thing somehow lured people to it, even though I don’t see why we’d want to approach such a spooky thing. I think it may have appeared again while I was alone. Or maybe I just worried it would.

Then, we get to my fun dream. I don’t remember the details too well, but I remember the Doctor, and sometimes me or Amy or Rory or a combination of us all were with him, and we were walking around outside, but I don’t know what this place was. I remember him telling Amy that she could pick anything she wanted to do, but I don’t know what she chose. I just remember going to different places and buildings, and I remember this library/book store type place we went in several times, but the last time we went in, many of the things we remembered being there were gone. I then remember this large room where all kinds of fun things were going on, and we walked around, and I saw some candy I wanted, but I had trouble keeping up with everyone because I was only able to walk very slowly, no matter how hard I tried. I remember near the end of the dream, they asked the Doctor if he was going home to his parents after this, and he said he didn’t like his parents, and he hugged Amy goodbye, but he decided against hugging Rory because he’s a guy, and it might be weird.

And then I woke up. I do wish I remembered what was happening in the dream better, but it was still pretty fun because the Doctor had that same fun personality he has in the TV show. It’s really quite a shame that’s the closest I’ll ever get to meeting him, though. You know those questions about who you’d invite to a dinner party if you could pick anyone in the world? Well, I’d choose the Eleventh Doctor. After Jesus, of course. Now that would be one fantastic dinner party.

The Duck-tor

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