The Duck Visits a Haunted Mall

I had a super weird dream the night of 12/16/14. I remember myself and a friend (not a friend I actually knew, but one just from the dream) at this hotel. It seemed more like an apartment building, really, but I think it was a hotel because we were on vacation in this weird city. His room was several floors above mine, and I remember we had to travel back and forth between the two rooms a lot, and it took a while, and I was able to kind of make it speed up in the dream because it was boring.

We then decided to go to this mall. We thought it would be a lot of fun to walk around it, and so we headed down to the lobby of the hotel. I kind of sped up that part, too, and I also needed to return something to my room that I was holding, so I kind of had it teleport to my room through sheer willpower so I didn’t have to go all the way back up. On the way through the lobby, we had to walk down this hallway, and lining one wall were those weird machines where you try to pick up the stuffed animals with the claw that never grabs on, and the toys were pretty creepy in there. We then walked outside where it was kind of an empty field of dirt and a street, and we started walking to the mall.

We first ended up at a Lowe’s, and I said I didn’t want to go in there because they sell boring stuff. We went in anyway, and it somehow led from the garden department of Lowe’s to a Kohl’s, and there were enormous rooms filled with furniture and clothing. We had now entered the mall, and we were quite excited to start exploring. We went up these escalators, which led to this upper room with red walls and a red floor, and there were escalators everywhere, and it was rather confusing. We somehow found an escalator to take us back down to a normal part of the mall, which was also red, but it wasn’t long before these ghosts that looked like 16-bit Boos from the Super Mario series, and they started attacking everyone.

The dream turned into me playing an old Super Mario game on the Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 that was supposed to be really popular that I had recently bought, but at the same time, was still my visit to the mall, and the ghosts rampaged the area until I was suddenly outside, and I watched as the roof of the mall collapsed, and I was really disappointed I wouldn’t get to check it out, after all. Needless to say, it was a really weird dream.

The Duck Doesn’t Drink Boos


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