So, What Elsa is New

Well, I just got a new cat, what’s new with you?…

Ahem, yeah, I have a cat again. For the first time in over a year. And I don’t recall getting a cat ever being this difficult before. I went to a bunch of different pet stores on the lookout for the right cat, but many were unfriendly, too hyper, or when I did find one I liked, I’d pet it, and then get hit with a mad case of asthma. There are better ways to die than asphyxiation. I’ll pass.

I started to have more luck when the lady from the shelter was down at the store one day, and she said there was this great cat that they’d be bringing there the next day. Long story short, the cat didn’t get to the store until late in the evening of the next day, so I went down the day after that, and I found the famous kitty they said was so wonderful. She’s a grey tabby, 8 months old, and she seemed sweet, so I bought her and brought her home, and I got to thinking up names right away, with my top choices being Vanille, a character I think is quite delightful from “Final Fantasy XIII”, and Elsa, because I thought the name was pretty, not because I had recently given in to the hype and seen “Frozen”. Even though I had. It was good.

A photo of her chilling in the jungle
A photo of her chilling in the jungle

I eventually went with Elsa, and, well, Elsa is quite a pain. She started out pretty good, but it wasn’t long before she started to get more comfortable in my house, and with me, meaning she decided it was now safe to run around the house at full speed and attack me with her claws every time I put a hand near her. The first week with her was exhausting indeed, as she had the energy of a small child after just downing fifty spoonfuls of sugar (yes, I also recently re-watched “Mary Poppins” for the first time in over a decade). And yet, despite the toys and scratcher I had gotten for her, she would often come to me expecting entertainment, only to scratch up my hands if I obliged. And she followed me absolutely everywhere. I couldn’t get a cup of milk or grab something from my room without her feeling the need to stalk me, and when she actually took naps, I was afraid to get up, lest she wake up and accompany me to wherever I was going. I really can handle walking around my own house alone, thank you very much. (Not that I mind having a cat follow me. It’s just a bother when she was actually allowing me to have peace from her up until that point.)

But, I’ve been getting used to her. She is starting to calm down, but not to the extent that I don’t need to put boxes over the Wii sensor bar and wires to protect it while I’m away, or to the extent that I don’t need to put luggage bags on top of the fridge to deter her from jumping on top of it. That’s right, she jumps on top of the fridge and walks around on the tippy top of the counters. Near the ceiling. At least, she did until I stuck bags onto my fridge. I guess it frees up space….

Showing off her smooth, toned tummy
Showing off her smooth, toned tummy

Well, to tell you more about the cat, and not just her annoying habits, she has a very girly sounding meow, which she makes use of quite often, and she is just now learning to play hide and seek, where I hide behind the couch and refuse to emerge until she has found me. She also hates the feathery end of her big, long cat toy, but enjoys the stick end very much. I did teach her to be just a bit less afraid of the feathers by having it push all her other toys to her, mice and balls, to show her how very kind it is, but she still thinks the stick is far better. She also likes to watch the objects moving on the TV when I play video games, and she loves pencils and enjoys carrying them about the house. And lids, when she can get her teeth on them. Oh, yeah, and there was once a day where I videotaped her batting a grape all over the house. I was eating some scrumptious purple grapes (they say red, but they’re, in fact, purple), and she was very interested in them, so I threw one around the house for her to play with for a while. She had a grand time, but I threw it away once she poked enough holes in it.

She’s also a very scary kitty, as I’m not used to claws, considering Alex and Arwen were declawed, and Peepers didn’t have any, either (though, she was a goldfish…), and I am often startled as she jumps onto the back of the couch behind me and sniffs my head, while I dare not turn around, just in case she decided to scratch off my face. She also gets hyper in the morning and evening and will chase me at high speeds, whether I want to be chased or not. I usually dodge out of the way, but once I moved in the wrong direction and she rammed into the back of my legs. It’s often a strange feeling being rammed by something fluffy.

Hiding in her evil lair
Hiding in her evil lair

So, the kitty is still very naughty and, thus, very tiring, but she should turn out pretty nice once she has learned to calm down a bit. She has a loud purr, loves napping on the couch next to me, and likes to be held for long periods of time, when she doesn’t choose to squirm out of my arms. Hopefully she’ll grow up soon. Because there are times I wish I had gotten one of the two-year old cats…. Heh heh heh…

Anyway, more updates on the kitty to come in the future. So stay tuned!

A Duck That Lives in Fear of My Cat With Dagger-Like Claws


4 thoughts on “So, What Elsa is New

  1. She’ll probably calm down as she gets older – she is still a kitten! Sort of odd question, is she fixed? My previous pastor has a cat that was calm and loving, but after a certain trip, she won’t hold still for even a moment.
    Elsa is very cute, though! She’s also very pretty.


    1. Thanks, she is indeed quite cute. And yes, she is fixed, thus the shaved tummy. She got fixed shortly before we got her. Did getting fixed cause his cat to be more hyper? Very strange. Poor kitty.


      1. The kitty enjoys being hyper, though (her owners don’t! They thought they wouldn’t be able to put up their Christmas decorations as Lucy (the kitty) would tear them up. I have a big gash on my hand from where I was playing with her under a couch covering, and she got too excited.


      2. I’ve gotten scratched up by my kitty a lot, too, and she stole some of the Christmas ornaments when I was trying to put them away. She’s been getting better, though. I just have to train her in what she can scratch and what she can’t, such as myself.


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