Top Songs from Chrono Cross

Another one of my lists of top songs, this time listing my top 10 songs of “Chrono Cross” for the PS1.  While I believe “Chrono Trigger” was a far better game, it can’t compete with the awesome music of “Chrono Cross”.  Enjoy!

10. “Prisoners of Fate” played during the battle with Miguel and some other locations, and it was a strangely solemn boss theme, but I think it’s quite lovely. It just makes me sad.

9. “Dragon’s Wish” plays…I forgot when, but it’s a good song once it gets started, after about a minute or so. It’s just a very slow and pretty song.  I think 2 minutes in is particularly pretty.

8. “Radical Dreamers” I think was the music that played during the credits, and it is a very lovely song with vocals. I’m always biased towards songs with vocals, though, aren’t I?  Very pretty.

7. “Gale” is this game’s battle theme, and I’ll admit that it’s a bit…hyper. But, it’s still pretty darn awesome.  It just sounds like it’s hopped up on sugar….

6. “The Girl Who Stole the Stars” is Kid’s theme. It’s a very lovely song, but what I like most about it is the voice that starts about 0:50.  The song kind of makes me think that Kid has much more to her than just the tomboy we see on the outside.

5. “Dead Sea” plays in the location of the same name. If I recall correctly, this was a very bizarre place, and this music gives off a rather uneasy feeling as you explore this truly unsettling and mysterious place.

4. “Shadow Forest” is the lovely music that plays in the location of the same name. It gives the place such a mysterious and ancient feel.  I love it.

3. “Dragon God” is a boss theme, but I forgot who you fight. Probably something dragon-related, if the title can be trusted.  This is by far the best battle music of the game, and it will definitely get your blood pumping as you prepare to fight…whatever it was that was dragon-related!

2. “Magical Dreamers: The Wind, Stars, and Waves” is a rock version of Marbule’s theme, and it’s just a really neat song. I do wish it wasn’t played on an electric guitar, though.  Still wonderful, and I can’t get enough of listening to it.  It really cheers me up.

1. “Scars of Time” is the opening music of the game, and it is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It starts slower and calm, and then it becomes much more fast-paced, and it is seriously one of the most epic songs of all time.  This song really makes you excited to play the game.  I first heard this on RPG Square’s blog, and I just had to buy the game after that.


Ducks of Time Because Scars of Ducks Would Be Sad


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