The Time the Duck Faced Memory-Stealing Zombies

I had a really interesting, yet creepy, dream the night of 8/2/14. At first, it was similar to “Slender: The Nine Pages”, but I was in this abandoned schoolhouse. There was this creepy baby crawling along the ground that would follow you, and of course, being a dream, I couldn’t walk as fast as I should have been able to, and it kept catching up to me and grabbing onto my ankle, and whenever this happened, I just couldn’t get it off. Then, when I was finally free of it, I walked into this middle room with no windows and a jumble of chairs and desks, and I was trying to grab these notes before the baby showed up. So I guess it wasn’t too much like “Slender”, after all. Well, maybe just a little.

Then, I went outside, where there were a lot of people wandering about like zombies. Their memories had been stolen by an evil man who was a mix between Slender Man and Randall Flagg from Stephen King’s “The Stand”, and if they touched you, you lost your memories, as well. This one woman was jealous I hadn’t lost my memories yet and tried to touch me, but I got away and climbed up somewhere high where she couldn’t follow. I was lucky they couldn’t climb, so I was safe up there.

Then, the zombie people were gone, and I left to find a better place to hide, and I climbed next up onto the top of these kitchen cabinets. There was an okay amount of room up here, and it was much higher than my old spot, and I would sometimes leave when it was safe to get stuff like water before climbing back up. One time, there was a large scorpion up here on the far left side of the cabinets, and I ran and got some bug poison and sprayed it until it shriveled and died. I then sprayed these spiders on the far right side of the cabinets, but I got bug poison in my eyes. By now, the evil man was waiting below and telling me to come to him, but I didn’t want to, though I still had to find a way to get the poison out of my eyes. I ran to the sink and tried to wash my eyes before he got too close, but I think I was too slow, because I lost my memories, as well.

I then remember wandering outside between these tall buildings, and my memories just came back somehow. At this point, I realized what had happened and knew that I needed to get somewhere safe before he found me again, and I started running. And it was about here that my dream ended.

The Duck Who Really Doesn’t Understand Why “The Stand” Had to Be 1,000 Pages…


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