Really Bad Jokes

This is a pretty old post that’s been lying around on my computer for many, many months, so I thought I’d just get it published so I don’t have to look at the ugly thing anymore. It lists a few cruddy jokes I came up with, most of which are several versions of the exact same thing because I’m ridiculous like that. It’s really bad, but here it is….

First joke: What’s a duck’s favorite snack?

Cheese and quackers, of course.  Yum.

And now for a three-parter.

Corny joke: What do you get when a goldfish is mad at you?

Corny answer: The gold shoulder!  Ba-dung-dung-ch!

Stupid joke: What about if a brave person is cross with you?

Stupid answer: The bold shoulder.  (I know, terrible.)

Idiotic joke: How about if you wronged an old timey person?

Even idiotic-er answer: Ye olde shoulder.

Yep, there’s my stupid post with stupid jokes. It’s really quite stupid.

A Lame Duck


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