Impractical Races, Cats, and Robots: This Post Has It All

Around the night of 11/11, and some other nights that I lost track of, I’ve been getting a lot of weird dreams. I remember one where one of my cats was back, and it looked like Alex, my chubby kitty, but acted like Arwen, my friendly Manx. I have a lot of dreams, in fact, where my pets return to me, including a rat I lost about a decade ago (I’ve looked everywhere, but I just can’t find him…), and I either realize we had the pet all along and forgot, or the pet just appeared back in our house one day. In this particular dream, I woke up early in the morning in my current house to find this cat, and I went to put out food and water for it (even though I no longer own any cat food; it really doesn’t taste that good), but my mom had already done so. She actually put out two bowls of water and two of food even though it was just one cat, in the very same manner as the days when we used to have two.

Then, I had another, far less meaningful dream. Before my cat dream took place, I dreamt that myself and various others would race home from restaurants and see who could return home first, but not only did this seem unsafe, but we would leave from different restaurants, and it hardly seemed fair if some people lived closer to the restaurant they chose than someone else. Of course, they’ll get there faster, and I thought it would make far more sense to calculate our time per mile.

I remember I really wanted to win for some reason (I don’t think I’d care in real life), and I remember I talked to this woman at a restaurant, and then I raced home, only to realize I didn’t check to see what time I had left. (And another issue I had with this whole contest was there was no way to prove someone was being honest.) I then returned to the restaurant to ask that woman what time we had spoken, as I left shortly after talking to her, but she didn’t remember.

I then remember dreaming the night of 11/16 of this grocery store, and I was going to buy these weird flowers that were bright colors, purple and pink and such, but then I decided to wait until closer to the event I was bringing them for so they would be fresher, but I remember someone protesting this. Possibly a random voice in my head… Not that I have those. It was a dream, silly people.

Then, I dreamt of Dr. Nefarious, the villain of several “Ratchet and Clank” games, stuck somehow in this old, Western town in the past, and he had to avoid being seen by people (I suppose a robot in the old West would be a bit alarming to some), but somehow time was going by quickly, and he was waiting for the present to arrive. Weird stuff. So now you’ve been stuck learning about another series of freakish dreams I’ve had. Have a nice day. I said have a nice day, sir! I don’t think I did that right….

If You Refuse to Have a Nice Day, Then I Will, Darn It!

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