Merry Halloween

Good day, everyone, and I hope you had a holly jolly Halloween, even if this post is rather late for it. I don’t typically do a lot for this spookiest of holidays (plus, the costumes I have double as masquerade costumes and are handmade and take a good hour or two to put on, which isn’t really worth it, plus I might get stains, and then I might have to buy more body makeup, and…), but this year, I was really feeling in a Halloweeny mood. With the intention of having a scrumptious goose for Christmas, all Charles Dickens-like, and a delicious bass (or some other kind of large fish) for Thanksgiving (A fish for Thanksgiving? Blasphemy!), I thought I’d go all out with this trio of holidays and do something special for Halloween, as well.

I always make it a habit to watch a spooky movie Halloween night with only my paper lanterns for illumination, hiding away from all the human offspring outside who are determined to devour my sweets. But, this year, I decided I would also try some special recipes to celebrate the holiday. Plus, I carved a pumpkin. I never do that, not since I was a duckling. And if you want to see it, it’s below.


It's really scary and stuff.
It’s really scary and stuff.

I’m not sure how well you can see it, but it’s Slender Man in the woods. I was thinking of something Rayman-themed, as I’ve been replaying “Rayman Origins” lately (some of those levels are worthy of Halloween, considering how terrifyingly difficult they are…such as My Heartburn’s for You, which was clearly made from pure malice), but I decided Slender Man’s far more suited for Halloween. My original sketch involved some cool-looking shading, so I kind of incorporated that by peeling off the pumpkin skin in places that should be lighter, rather than cutting holes in the pumpkin. Plus, considering Slender Man is so…slender, I couldn’t really cut around those limbs without the risk of them breaking off, so I employed the same method there. I also accidentally forgot that I shouldn’t draw on the bits of the pumpkin that won’t be cut out, so you can see lots of pen lines, and Slender Man was all scribbled in, but I suppose it helps him to stand out. I’m still a dummy, though. Not that it mattered in the end, as the pumpkin got moldy long before Halloween. Which was gross and made me lugubrious. It was cool those two days it lasted, though.

Always watching...
Always watching…

Anyway, in addition to mutilating a helpless veggie, I decided to try some pumpkin recipes, as well, so I cooked the pumpkin seeds, which turned out delicious, and I also cooked the pieces of pumpkin that were cut from it when I was carving my mediocre wooded scene. I ended up making these into a pumpkin and apple soup, which turned out much tastier than I expected. And I had a meat pie called a tourtiere that had lots of neat spices in it, and while I know this isn’t related to Halloween at all, I wanted to have a meat pie. So I did. I had a meat pie. It was good. And I watched some Dreamworks Halloween shorts, followed by “The Man in the Attic”, a random movie I found on Youtube. While wearing my store bought Tifa costume, which is far easier to put on than my handmade costumes and looks pretty darn cool. The movie wasn’t scary, but it was still fun, nonetheless.

He has no eyes...
He has no eyes…

So, it just goes to show that you can certainly have fun on Halloween even without trick-or-treating and dressing up. As a duckling, I could never find anything decent to dress up as anyway (I once was…a bee. How lame is that?), and my friends always got bored and would go home early, and I was never in the mood to go up to houses all by my lonesome (especially that one that was always really scary and had this guy dressed up as a monster that loitered around in the driveway…they did too good of a job at that house…). To this day, I am still baffled at how children could get bored of accumulating copious quantities of candy, but they did. But, I digress. I had a most delightful Halloween this year, and I hope you guys did, as well. Farewell ‘til next week!


Hey, who turned out the lights?  Woops, wrong reference.
Hey, who turned out the lights? Woops, wrong reference.

Hollow Duck

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