The Duck Doesn’t Step Into the Light

I had this really weird dream the night of 10/12/14 (I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately, come to think of it). I remember there was something to do with this woman in this bedroom, and there was this weird light up by the ceiling, near the corner of the room.  She was previously bedridden, but then, she could never be in that light, so she had to live under the bed.  It was a small and depressing space, but she couldn’t leave it, though one person did go in and visit her under the bed, so it wasn’t as dull.  The weird light was bad, but I think other people could go in the room as long as they didn’t stay in the light for too long and tried to not look at it.  She was just the only person that could never go into the light.

Then, they were on top of the bed, covered under a blanket, and the other person had to do something, so they left the room in a hurry, but they left the woman uncovered, and they were hoping their haste wasn’t going to have negative consequences.  They returned as quickly as they could, but they worried she had been left in the light for too long.

Now, the woman was instead my pet cat Arwen.  She seemed okay at first, but then she started to flash, and then she disappeared, and the person was upset at their mistake for leaving her in the light, and if they hadn’t been in such a hurry, she would still be here.

I also dreamt I was trying to get to work, and I was walking through this peaceful neighborhood to get there.  But, then everyone was standing at the street corner, and when I got over to them, they were murmuring about how there were two cows now when there used to only be one.  There was this weird, old woman, and she said the second cow was actually not a cow, and it could transform into other things, and it did indeed transform into a more bipedal type of thing right before our eyes, and it was dangerous to pass it, but I was in a hurry to get to work on time, so I walked past anyway, and luckily nothing happened.

The Duck Fears No Anti-Cow

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