A Farewell to a Fabulous Fish

It seems I have been writing a lot of these lately. Well, you know my popeyed goldfish Peepers? You know what, let me start from the beginning. Though, there’s not much to tell. Basically, I got home from work the afternoon of 10/7/14. I didn’t bother opening the blinds in the morning, so I thought I’d open them now to give Peepers more light, and I’d run over and give her a great big “how do?” before doing some hardcore gaming. It was at that moment that I found her.

Well, she’s buried in the backyard now, but I’ll get to that.

It was a rather creepy sight, needless to say, and creepier still to know I had run by her and been in the house for a good ten minutes going through the mail before I found her. And the strange thing was, she was perfectly fine when I fed her that morning. Not to mention the fact that I only had her five months, and they are supposed to live about ten years. I actually have another post I wrote about her that I have yet to publish, so if you see a post talking as if she was still around, that’s why. I just haven’t felt like going through and changing it all to the past tense.

Anyway, I put her in the backyard and buried her under the pebbles from her bowl, and I placed her bridge over her and stuck her plant into the rocks. I also thought singing “Cara Mia” from “Portal 2” would be a rather fitting song to sing, out of my narrow repertoire of songs I know the words to. It’s a rather pretty spot, actually, and I just hope the weather doesn’t eventually mess it up. I’ve taken pictures to remember it as it was that day, as I at least know that Plant (that’s what I named her verdant companion) will surely die, considering it’s meant to live in water, and then the lovely greenery will be gone.

Group photo of Peepers, Bridge, and of course, Plant.
Group photo of Peepers, Bridge, and of course, Plant.

I very much enjoyed Peepers’ company. She was a very sweet fish, and she would get so excited when she knew breakfast or dinner was coming, that she would flip onto her back from swimming backwards too quickly, showing her pale, yellow tummy whenever she did so, and she obviously ate plenty, as she grew a good amount in the short time I had her, and her long fins became more flowing and lovely than ever. She already had several nicknames, as well, namely Peeps, Little Bo Peepers, Diet Dr. Peepers, and Mary Peepins. (If you’d be so kind, tell me your favorite in the comments.) I know, her name, along with her nicknames, were ridiculously cutesy, but so was she.

See? Adorable!
See? Adorable!

I have other posts about her that talk about her in more detail. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed coming home to something pure and blameless when the outside world is not always kind. We didn’t get to spend much time together, but I will always remember it, and I am just grateful I got so many pictures and videos of her, when one of my biggest regrets with my cats was having so little to remember them by. The most recent video was taken merely a week prior, while the most recent photos were taken just a few days before that.

It started raining early the next morning, which makes sense really, as what use is a fish without water?

I’ll miss you, mia bella. I love you.

She wanted to be a belly dancer when she grew up....
She wanted to be a belly dancer when she grew up….

The Duck Will Remember Peeps


11 thoughts on “A Farewell to a Fabulous Fish

      1. His name was Kebab, and he was the cutest little fishy. He was white with an orange top, and pretty shy, but I loved him so much.

        I plan on getting another fishy, a Betta, pretty soon. They’re pretty and easy to care for.


      2. Aw, Kebab is a cute name. What kind of fish was he?

        And I had a beta once. He was red and named Imhotep. He got easily angered by the sight of pencils. I guess his kind regularly got hunted by pencils out in the wild….


    1. Thanks. Sniff. Poor little Miss Peeps. She was going to be a mermaid when she grew up. A belly dancing mermaid (at least, the way she was always wiggling about when she swam, it certainly seemed like she’d enjoy dancing).


  1. (It’s not letting me reply to the comment for some reason)
    He was a goldfish, I think a fancy one? I don’t know, I haven’t figured out the differences yet.

    I’m deciding between Chinese Buffet and Sishkebab for my Betta (I name my fish after food, though that may be strange)


  2. Aw, goodbye Little Bo Peepers! (That’s my favorite nickname.) And she was so cute too with her black and orange coloring. Of our four goldfish and one snail, we recently lost one of the fish (his name was Newton) and the snail died as well. The three remaining fish are pretty healthy, thankfully. You’re right that they can live a long time, though I think you have to be really lucky to have one that lives for ten years!


    1. I think I’m leaning towards Mary Peepins as my favorite nickname, but they’re all quite cute. What was the name of your snail? And what are the other fish’s names?

      Sniff, Peepers was a fantastic fish indeed, and I miss her very much. I changed the backgrounds for various devices to images of her.

      Anyway, I hope you have good luck with your other fishies. People don’t realize how great fish can be.


      1. I agree. It’s easy to think fish are boring when you see them all milling about in a pet store. But once you get one home and you take time to raise it, a fish can be a great companion! Like Peepers, our fish also get very excited when it’s feeding time, flipping about and such. And they react to us in various ways when we visit with them. Our gang currently consists of Al, Leo, and Phoenix — all fancy goldfish. I mentioned Newton, also a fancy, and the snail’s name was Charlie.


      2. Fish make adorable pets. And they come in such lovely colors. And they most certainly do have their own, little personalities, even if most people surely wouldn’t think so. I had great times with the two fish I’ve had thus far, and I wish the best of luck to your remaining fishies. In the meantime, Peepers is busy playing and having much fun with Newton and Charlie in fishy (and snail) heaven. Basically, aqua-heaven.


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