Top Songs from FFIX

I’m really losing inspiration for how to begin posts on top songs. Not that I’ve ever been good at it, really. Ahem, well, anyway, today’s post is on the top 10 songs from “Final Fantasy IX”, a game I judged before I even got to know it. But, once I got into it, I realized it was quite a good game indeed, and I found that it had a good number of beautiful and emotional songs, as well. And so, without subjecting you to anymore rambling than necessary, my list, from the least best to the most best…

10. “Boss Theme” is, obviously, the music that plays during regular boss battles, and like with all boss themes, you know you’re in for trouble as soon as it starts playing. It especially invoked fear in my soul when I first started playing the game…because I was really bad at the game at first. Vivi usually got KO’d pretty much immediately during any tough fight, shortly followed by everyone else. That might have had something to do with me not being too fond of the game at first.

9. “Lindblum Castle” plays in the location of the same name, and it just sounds very regal, which is perfect for a castle. I think the better parts start around 0:36.

8. “Rose of May” is the theme of Beatrix, whom I didn’t like at first, though I quickly grew to respect her once I saw how very powerful she was. This song is slower and quite lovely, but it makes me feel a bit sad, too, for some reason. It sounds very noble, I think.

7. “The Dark Messenger” plays during one of the final boss battles. It is awesome and epic, though I do think it sounds strangely like cathedral music at first before it starts to get much more…action-y. That’s a word, right? Yep. Action-y.

6. “Final Boss” is very likely not the name of this, but I’m too lazy to look for what is. As expected, this plays during the final, final boss, and at first, I have to admit that it creeps me out a bit. The beginning is very odd, with what sounds like mournful cries in the background, and it makes me think of the end of the world, and whether or not this was the intention, it certainly causes me to fear what I’m soon to be facing. It then starts to speed up and become a song far better suited to boss music, and I think it gets really awesome around 1:25 and 1:50.

5. “Song of Memories” is the song Garnet sings at various points throughout the game. I think it is quite beautiful and comforting to listen to. The vocals start around 0:49.

4. “Battle Theme” is actually one of my favorite “Final Fantasy” battle themes. It is so fast-paced, and it made the game rather epic for me right from the start. I especially love that beat at the beginning.

3. “Freya’s Theme” is a beautiful, yet sad, song that I really think fits the character wonderfully. It makes me think of her fruitless search for her beloved Sir Fratley and how she has no choice but to go on regardless. I dunno, that’s just what I got from it. I guess I’m feeling in a deep mood right now.

2. “Kuja’s Theme” is the theme of the main villain. The song is rather pretty, but a bit sinister, as well, which I suppose fits Kuja pretty nicely, don’t you think? I want to learn how to play this on the piano.

1. “Memoria” plays in a location at the very end of the game, and I think it’s a truly beautiful, yet sad, song that makes me think of past memories and past sorrows and things that have come and gone. I couldn’t help but recollect as I listened to it, thinking back on what I had lost and just becoming generally depressed. But, I guess I like stuff like that, because they always end up pretty high on my list. My favorite part starts around 1:30.

Duck of May

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